Climate Extremes

Monitoring, Modelling and Predictions to Benefit Industry, Society and Government

Welcome to the UCL (University College London) Climate Extremes web-site. Our main foci are tropical storms worldwide, European extreme weather and global drought. We offer innovative research and award-winning products to benefit the prediction and monitoring of these weather and climate extremes. Our quantitative warnings help industry, government and society to better manage the financial and humanitarian risks caused by extreme weather.

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TSR Tropical Storms Worldwide
Quantitative forecasts to 5 days ahead, seasonal outlooks and climate change. Provided by the award-winning TropicalStormRisk venture.
EUR European Weather Extremes
Quantitative forecasts (windspeed, precipitation and temperature) to 5 days ahead. Provided by the EuroTempest venture.
DR Global Drought Monitor
Quantitative monitoring of drought severity and affected population worldwide.
WO European Winter Forecasts
Outlooks for the North Atlantic Oscillation, Arctic Oscillation and winter temperature, precipitation and windspeed.

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