MSSL is involved in several aspects of XMM-Newton, in particular the Optical Monitor (OM) and the Remote Grating Spectrometer (RGS). Please see the XMM-Newton, OM and RGS for further information on the instrumentation and projects.

Data from the OM have been used to create a catalogue of Optical and UV sources. A second, improved version,  XMM-SUSS2, was released in 2014 with data to the end of 2012. 

NEW for 2016:

A supplementary catalogue using readout streak photometry for sources too bright to be included in the main catalogue is now available. 

The main catalogue XMM-SUSS2.1 includes all data to the end of 2013: 

  • 7,170 observations 
  • 6,246,432 individual source entries 
  • 4,329,363 unique sources
  • 831,582 sources with repeated observations