2012 Publications


2012arXiv1212.4359T: Taylor,+ (Kitching): Putting the Precision in Precision Cosmology: How accurate should your data covariance matrix be?

2012arXiv1212.4801MMignani,+: Infrared observations of the candidate double neutron star system PSR J1811-1736

2012arXiv1212.2650H: Hildebrandt,+ (Page): Inferring the mass of sub-millimetre galaxies by exploiting their gravitational magnification of background galaxies

2012arXiv1212.3141MMignani,+ (Vande Putte, Cropper, Zane): The birthplace and age of the isolated neutron star RX J1856.5-3754

2012arXiv1211.7347C: Camero-Arranz,+ (Mignani, Zane, Oates): A new low-B magnetar: Swift J1822.3-1606

2012arXiv1212.1079E: Esposito,+ (Zane, Mignani): X-ray and radio observations of the magnetar Swift J1834.9-0846 and its dust-scattering halo


2012arXiv1211.6116L: Lo Faro,+ (Page, Symeonidis): The complex physics of dusty star-forming galaxies at high redshifts as revealed by Herschel and Spitzer

2012arXiv1211.6436J: Juneau,+ (Symeonidis): Widespread and Hidden Active Galactic Nuclei in Star-Forming Galaxies at Redshift > 0.3

2012arXiv1211.6668G: Geach,+ (Page): The SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: blank-field number counts of 450um-selected galaxies and their contribution to the cosmic infrared background

2012arXiv1211.3997W: Weisskopf,+ (Mignani): Chandra, Keck and VLA Observations of the Crab Nebula during the 2011-April Gamma-ray Flare

2012arXiv1211.4336H: Heinis,+ (Page): HerMES: Unveiling obscured star formation - the far infrared luminosity function of ultraviolet-selected galaxies at z~1.5

2012arXiv1211.5025S: Semboloni,+ (Cropper, Kitching): On the shear estimation bias induced by the spatial variation of colour across galaxy profiles

2012arXiv1211.2823RRawlings,+ (Seymour, Page, Symeonidis): PAH Emission in Powerful High-Redshift Radio Galaxies

2012arXiv1211.1270F: Farinelli,+ (Brocksopp): Spectral evolution of the X-ray nova XTE J1859+226 during its outburst observed by BeppoSAX and RXTE

2012arXiv1211.1600C: Corbel,+ (Brocksopp): The "universal" radio/X-ray flux correlation : the case study of the black hole GX 339-4

2012arXiv1210.7690M: Massey,+ (Kitching, Cropper): Origins of weak lensing systematics, and requirements on future instrumentation (or knowledge of instrumentation)

2012arXiv1210.7691CCropper,+ (Kitching, Saxton): Defining a weak lensing experiment in space

2012arXiv1210.7730R: Razzano,+ (Mignani): New VLT observations of the Fermi pulsar PSR J1048-5832

2012arXiv1211.0073IInoue: Kinematic imprint of clumpy disk formation on halo objects


2012arXiv1210.5521HHunt,+ (Kawata): Disc galaxy modelling with a particle-by-particle M2M method

2012arXiv1210.5496B: Bayless,+ (Kuin): The Long-Lived UV "Plateau" of SN 2012aw

2012arXiv1210.6245K: Kaastra,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Accretion and outflow of gas in Markarian 509

2012arXiv1210.4928C: Casey,+ (Page, Seymour): A Redshift Survey of Herschel Far-Infrared Selected Starbursts and Implications for Obscured Star Formation

2012arXiv1209.4658F: Filgas,+ (Oates): GRB 091029: At the limit of the fireball scenario


2012arXiv:1209.1498Zane,+: A Large Area Detector proposed for the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)

2012arXiv1209.1497F: Feroci, + (Zane, Mignani): LOFT: the Large Observatory For X-ray Timing

2012arXiv1209.3094P: Perinati,+ (Zane): Accelerator experiments with soft protons and hyper-velocity dust particles: application to ongoing projects of future X-ray missions

2012arXiv1209.6438P: Petrucci,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509 XII. Broad band spectral analysis

2012arXiv1209.4083GGrand,+ (KawataCropper): Spiral morphology and galactic shear rate

2012arXiv1209.1503P: Pacciani,+ (Zane): Calibration strategies for the LAD instrument on-board LOFT

2012arXiv1209.2228A: Amiaux,+ (Cropper): Euclid Mission: building of a Reference Survey

2012arXiv1209.0456PPasetto,+ (Seabroke): Thick disk kinematics from RAVE and the solar motion

2012arXiv1209.0460PPasetto,+ (Seabroke): Thin disk kinematics from RAVE and the solar motion

2012arXiv1207.5048PPasetto,+ (Kawata): Theory of Stellar Population Synthesis with an application to N-Body simulations

2012arXiv1207.4234YYounsi,+ (Wu): General relativistic radiative transfer: formulation and emission from structured tori around black holes

2012arXiv1207.0363S: Siebert,+ (Seabroke): The properties of the local spiral arms from RAVE data: two-dimensional density wave approach

2012arXiv1209.0670C: Cao Orjales,+ (Page): Herschel-ATLAS: the far-infrared properties and star-formation rates of broad absorption line quasi-stellar objects

2012arXiv1209.1844S: Suchy,+ (Zane): The on-board data handling concept for the LOFT Large Area Detector


2012arXiv1208.3369CCropper,+: VIS: the visible imager for Euclid

2012AJ....144...65S: Siegel+ (Breeveld): Swift/UVOT Photometry of the Planetary Nebula WeBo 1: Unmasking a Faint Hot Companion Star

2012arXiv1208.1856OOates,+ (PageBreeveldKuin): A correlation between intrinsic brightness and average decay rate of Swift UVOT GRB optical/UV light curves

2012arXiv1208.0587L: La Barbera,+ (Ferreras): SPIDER VII - Revealing the Stellar Population Content of Massive Early-type Galaxies out to 8Re

2012arXiv1206.1629W: Wilson,+ (Page): The JCMT Nearby Galaxies Legacy Survey VIII. CO data and the L(CO3-2)-L(FIR) correlation in the SINGS sample

2012arXiv1208.3305MMignani: Thirty years of pulsar studies at ESO. The Italian Contribution

2012arXiv1208.3079S: Smith,+ (Symeonidis): Herschel-ATLAS: Multi-wavelength SEDs and physical properties of 250 micron-selected galaxies at z < 0.5

2012arXiv1208.6132S: Spinoglio,+ (Page): Submillimetre line spectrum of the Seyfert galaxy NGC1068 from the Herschel-SPIRE Fourier Transform Spectrometer

2012arXiv1208.5049V: Viero,+ (PageSymeonidis): HerMES: Cosmic Infrared Background Anisotropies and the Clustering of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies

July 2012

2012arXiv1207.6639P: Perez-Gonzalez,+ (Ferreras): SHARDS: an optical spectro-photometric survey of distant galaxies

2012arXiv1207.5182PPage,+ (Brindle, Still, Yershov, Ziaeepour, Mason, Cropper, Breeveld, Mignani, Smith): The XMM-Newton serendipitous ultraviolet source survey catalogue

2012arXiv1207.5564R: Roseboom,+ (PageSymeonidis): FMOS near-IR spectroscopy of Herschel selected galaxies: star formation rates, metallicity and dust attenuation at z~1

2012arXiv1207.0762MMignani: Multi-wavelength observations of Isolated Neutron Stars

2012arXiv1207.0831PPonti,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509: Reverberation of the Fe Kalpha line


2012arXiv1206.5199D: De Pasquale,+ (Kuin, Oates, Page, Zane, Saxton): GRB100814A as a member of the growing set of bursts with sudden optical rebrightening

2012arXiv1206.5821S: Seymour,+ (Rawlings): Rapid Coeval Black Hole and Host Galaxy Growth in MRC 1138-262: The Hungry Spider

2012arXiv1206.6515P: Pallanca,+ (Mignani): The identification of the optical companion to the binary millisecond pulsar J0610-2100 in the Galactic field

2012arXiv1206.6614MMignani,+: Optical and X-ray observations of candidate isolated neutron stars in the G315.4-2.3 SNR

2012arXiv1206.4692S: Simpson,+ (Page): The evolutionary connection between QSOs and SMGs: molecular gas in far-infrared luminous QSOs at z ~ 2.5

2012MNRAS.423.1194H: Hohle,+ (Zane): The continued spectral and temporal evolution of RX J0720.4-3125

2012ApJ...753...22B: Brown,+ (Kuin, Oates): A Swift Look at SN 2011fe: The Earliest Ultraviolet Observations of a Type Ia Supernova

2012ApJ...753...23M: Mitchell-Wynne,+ (Page): HerMES: A Statistical Measurement of the Redshift Distribution of Herschel-SPIRE Sources Using the Cross-correlation Technique

2012ApJ...753...33D: Dai,+ (Page, Symeonidis): A Population of Dust-rich Quasars at z ~ 1.5

2012ApJ...753...83A: Ackermann,+ (Mignani): A Statistical Approach to Recognizing Source Classes for Unassociated Sources in the First Fermi-LAT Catalog

2012arXiv1206.1594FFerreras,+: Systematic variation of the stellar Initial Mass Function with velocity dispersion in early-type galaxies

2012arXiv1206.2319H: Hilton,+ (Page, Symeonidis): Herschel observations of a z~2 stellar mass selected galaxy sample drawn from the GOODS NICMOS Survey

2012MNRAS.tmp.3154L: Leier,+ (Ferreras): Diagnostics of baryonic cooling in lensing galaxies

2012A&A...542A..58B: Béthermin,+ (Page, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: deep number counts at 250 mum, 350 mum and 500 mum in the COSMOS and GOODS-N fields and the build-up of the cosmic infrared background

2012arXiv1206.0740B: Brook,+ (Kawata): Thin disc, Thick Disc and Halo in a Simulated Galaxy

2012arXiv1206.1225A: Amendola,+ (Cropper): Cosmology and fundamental physics with the Euclid satellite

2012MSAIS..21..113S: Schady P.,+ (Page, Oates): Dust extinction curves of GRB host galaxies

2012MNRAS.tmp.3241OOates,+ (Breeveld, Kuin): Multiwavelength observations of the Type IIb supernova 2009mg

2012MNRAS.423.2147YYershov,+: Correlation of supernova redshifts with temperature fluctuations of the cosmic microwave background

2012ApJ...752L..27T: Trevisan,+ (Ferreras): Constraints on Feedback Processes during the Formation of Early-type Galaxies


2012Natur.485..213PPage,+ (Symeonidis, Rawlings): The suppression of star formation by powerful active galactic nuclei

2012A&A...542A..17PPasetto,+: Dissipative phenomena in extended-body interactions. I. Methods: Dwarf galaxies of the Local Group and their synthetic CMDs

2012ApJ...751...90Z: Zheng,+ (Breeveld, Kuin, Page): Panchromatic Observations of the Textbook GRB 110205A: Constraining Physical Mechanisms of Prompt Emission and Afterglow

2012ApJ...751...92R: Roming,+ (Kuin, Oates): The Unusual Temporal and Spectral Evolution of the Type IIn Supernova 2011ht

2012ApJS..200...14M: Matijevic,+ (Seabroke): Exploring the Morphology of RAVE Stellar Spectra

2012arXiv1205.4880FFerreras,+: Confronting MOND and TeVeS with strong gravitational lensing over galactic scales: an extended survey

2012A&A...541A.147P: Pinto,+ (Mehdipour): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509. IX. The Galactic foreground

2012arXiv1205.2559A: Arav,+ (Mehdipour): Multiwavelength Campaign on Mrk 509 X. Lower limit on the distance of the absorber from HST COS and STIS spectroscopy

2012arXiv1205.3778W: Wardlow,+ (Page, Symeonidis): HerMES: Candidate Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies and Lensing Statistics at Submillimeter Wavelengths

2012MNRAS.422.2291P: Parkin,+ (Page): The gas-to-dust mass ratio of Centaurus A as seen by Herschel

2012arXiv1205.1905MMignani,+ (Oates): VLT Suzaku observations of the Fermi pulsar PSR J1028-5819

2012ExA....33..403BBranduardi-Raymont,+: AXIOM: advanced X-ray imaging of the magnetosphere

2012IAUS..285..369MMignani: Optical Pulsations from Isolated Neutron Stars

2012IAUS..285..372MMignani,+ (Zane): LOFT: Large Observatory For X-Ray Timing

2012IAUS..285..379M: Moran,+ (Mignani): Optical Polarimetry of the Crab Nebula

2012arXiv1204.6655MMignani,+: The near-infrared detection of PSR B0540-69 and its nebula

2012arXiv1205.0546A: Antoja,+ (Seabroke): Kinematic groups beyond the Solar neighbourhood with RAVE


2012ApJ...750..128P: Pritchard,+ (KuinOates): Early Ultraviolet Observations of a Type IIn Supernova (2007pk)

2012arXiv1204.2826MMehdipour,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Page): The X-ray warm absorber and nuclear obscuration in the Seyfert 1.8 galaxy ESO 113-G010

2012arXiv1204.5749L: Leier,+ (Ferreras): Diagnostics of Baryonic Cooling in Lensing Galaxies

2012GeoRL..3907105L: Lamy,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Earth-based detection of Uranus' aurorae

2012MNRAS.421.2917F: Foyle,+ (Page): The dust and gas properties of M83

2012MNRAS.421.3362B: Bilir,+ (Seabroke): Local stellar kinematics from RAVE data - III. Radial and vertical metallicity gradients based on red clump stars

2012MNRAS.tmp.2819IInoue,+: Natures of a clump-origin bulge: a pseudo-bulge like but old metal-rich bulge

2012arXiv1204.1974FFerreras,+ (Cropper, Kawata, Page): The Swift/UVOT catalogue of NGC4321 star forming sources: A case against density wave theory

2012MNRAS.422.2609RRahimi,+ Kawata: Towards a self-consistent numerical model of late-type galaxies: calibrating the effects of sub-grid physics on galactic models

2012ApJ...749..169G: Galametz,+ (Seymour): The Mid-infrared Environments of High-redshift Radio Galaxies

2012arXiv1204.0785S: Smith,+ (Page): The Herschel Exploitation of Local Galaxy Andromeda (HELGA) II: Dust and Gas in Andromeda

2012ApJ...749...84F: Ferraro,+ (Mignani): Constraining the Optical Emission from the Double Pulsar System J0737-3039

March 2012

2012arXiv1203.6449R: Rea,+ (Mignani, Zane, Oates): A new low magnetic field magnetar: the 2011 outburst of Swift J1822.3-1606

2012MNRAS.422.1625SSaxton,+ (Wu, Kuin): Long-term X-ray variability of Swift J1644+57

2012MNRAS.421.1385V: Voigt,+ (Cropper): The impact of galaxy colour gradients on cosmic shear measurement

2012MNRAS.421.1529GGrand,+ (Kawata, Cropper): The dynamics of stars around spiral arms

2012arXiv1203.2562H: HerMES Collaboration,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): The Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey: HerMES

2012MNRAS.420.3195BBarnes,+ (Kawata, Wu): Cosmological simulations using GCMHD+

2012MNRAS.421L..72D: de Luca,+ (Zane, Mignani): A time-variable, phase-dependent emission line in the X-ray spectrum of the isolated neutron star RX J0822-4300

2012arXiv1202.6387GGrand,+ (Kawata, Cropper): Dynamics of stars around spiral arms in an N-body/SPH simulated barred-spiral galaxy

2012arXiv1202.6400F: Few,+ (Kawata): RAMSES-CH: A New Chemodynamical Code for Cosmological Simulations


2012MNRAS.420.1882A: Auld,+ (Page): Herschel observations of Cen A: stellar heating of two extragalactic dust clouds

2012EPJWC..1905008PPasetto,+: Thick disk kinematics from RAVE and the solar motion

2012EPJWC..1907006KKawata,+ (Grand, Cropper): Stellar dynamics around transient co-rotating spiral arms

2012arXiv1201.6359P: Pilkington,+ (Rahimi, Kawata): Metallicity Gradients in Disks: Do Galaxies Form Inside-Out?


2012A&A...537A.107S: Saito,+ (Grand): VVV DR1: The first data release of the Milky Way bulge and southern plane from the near-infrared ESO public survey VISTA variables in the Vía Láctea

2012arXiv1201.2818IInoue: Natures of clump-origin bulges: similarities to the Milky Way bulge

2012MNRAS.419.2758R: Roseboom,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): The Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey: SPIRE-mm photometric redshifts

2012MNRAS.419.2844C: CoskunogLu,+ (Seabroke): Local stellar kinematics from RAVE data - II. Radial metallicity gradient

2012arXiv1201.1855K: Kaastra,+ (Mehdipour, Branduardi-Raymont): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509 VIII. Location of the X-ray absorber

2012MNRAS.419.1833B: Bendo,+ (Page): Investigations of dust heating in M81, M83 and NGC 2403 with the Herschel Space Observatory

2012arXiv1201.0721M: Mignani,+ (Zane): LOFT: Large Observatory For X-ray Timing

2012arXiv1201.1024K: Kriss,+ (Mehdipour, Branduardi-Raymont): Characterizing the UV and X-ray Outflow in Mrk 509

2011epsc.conf.1185BBranduardi-Raymont,+: AXIOM: Advanced X-ray Imaging Of the Magnetosphere

2011epsc.conf.1251BBranduardi-Raymont,+: Searching for Saturn's X-ray aurorae: a novel strategy

2012ApJ...745...41H: Holland,+ (de Pasquale, Schady): GRB 081029: A Gamma-Ray Burst with a Multi-component Afterglow