2010 Publications


2010arXiv1012.0310FFerreras,+: Does environment affect the star formation histories of early-type galaxies?

j.nima.2010.11.168: Kuncic Z,+ (Wu): Polarization Enhanced X-ray Imaging for Biomedicine 

2010arXiv1012.2127W: Williams,+ (Seabroke): The Dawning of the Stream of Aquarius in RAVE

2010arXiv1012.2237MMignani: Neutron Star Astronomy with the HST

2010arXiv1012.2701G: Groenewegen,+ (Matsuura): MESS (Mass-loss of Evolved StarS), a Herschel Key Program

2010arXiv1012.1869T: Tanaka,+ (Seymour): Discovery of an Excess of Halpha Emitters around 4C 23.56 at z=2.48

2010A&A...524A..49S: Srinivasan,+ (Matsuura): The mass-loss return from evolved stars to the Large Magellanic Cloud. III. Dust properties for carbon-rich asymptotic giant branch stars

2010ApJ...725.1215S: Siegel,+ (Allende-Prieto, Breeveld, Kuin, Page): Faint Near-ultraviolet/Far-ultraviolet Standards from Swift/UVOT, GALEX, and SDSS Photometry

2010ApJ...725...36D: De Breuck,+ (Seymour): The Spitzer High-redshift Radio Galaxy Survey

2010MNRAS.409..541SSoria,+: Radio lobes and X-ray hotspots in the microquasar S26


2010MNRAS.409L..30FFerreras,+: Constraining the low-mass end of the initial mass function with gravitational lensing

2010MNRAS.409L...1B Buat,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Measures of star formation rates from Infrared (Herschel) and UV (GALEX) emissions of galaxies in the HerMES fields

2010MNRAS.409...75H: Hwang,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Evolution of Dust Temperature of Galaxies through Cosmic Time as seen by Herschel

2010MNRAS.409...66B: Brisbin,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): The Deep SPIRE HerMES Survey: Spectral Energy Distributions and their Astrophysical Indications at High Redshift

2010MNRAS.409...48R: Roseboom,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): The Herschel Multi-Tiered Extragalactic Survey: source extraction and cross-identifications in confusion-dominated SPIRE images

2010MNRAS.409..109G: Glenn,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: deep galaxy number counts from a P(D) fluctuation analysis of SPIRE Science Demonstration Phase observations

2010MNRAS.409...22M: Magdis,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Herschel reveals a Tdust-unbiased selection of z ~ 2 ultraluminous infrared galaxies

2010MNRAS.409....2R: Rowan-Robinson,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Cold dust and young starbursts: spectral energy distributions of Herschel SPIRE sources from the HerMES survey

2010MNRAS.409L...7R: Rigopoulou,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: Herschel-SPIRE observations of Lyman Break Galaxies

2010MNRAS.409L..19C: Cava,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): HerMES: SPIRE detection of high-redshift massive compact galaxies in GOODS-N field

2010MNRAS.409L..13C: Chapman,+ (Page, Rawlings, Seymour, Symeonidis, Tugwell): Herschel-SPIRE, far-infrared properties of millimetre-bright and -faint radio galaxies

2010Sci...330..944R: Rea,+ (Zane): A Low-Magnetic-Field Soft Gamma Repeater

2010MNRAS.tmp.1789S: Sarty,+ (Wu): The gamma-ray binary LS 5039: mass and orbit constraints from MOST observations

2010arXiv1011.4092S: Siebert,+ (Seabroke): Detection of a radial velocity gradient in the extended local disc with RAVE

2010arXiv1011.4215M: Motch,+ (Soria): The supergiant optical counterpart of ULX P13 in NGC7793

2010MNRAS.tmp.1754SSymeonidis, Page, Seymour: Selection of ULIRGs in infrared and submm surveys

2010MNRAS.409..102D: Davies,+ (Page, Symeonidis): On the origin of M81 group extended dust emission

2010MNRAS.409L..64Y: Yang,+ (Brocksopp): A decelerating jet observed by the EVN and VLBA in the X-ray transient XTE J1752-223

2010arXiv1011.2521V: van der Horst,+ (Curran): Detailed Radio View on Two Stellar Explosions and Their Host Galaxy: XRF080109/SN2008D and SN2007uy in NGC2770

2010arXiv1011.2043I: Impiombato,+ (Soria): Optical variability of the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 1313 X-2

2010arXiv1011.1580MMatsuura: The Global Gas and Dust budge of the Large Magellanic Cloud --- Importance of Asymptotic Giant Branch stars

2010MNRAS.tmp.1702H: Hatch,+ (Seymour): Galaxy protocluster candidates around z ~ 2.4 radio galaxies

2010MNRAS.409...83L: Levenson,+ (Page): HerMES: SPIRE Science Demonstration Phase Maps

2010ApJ...724L.104F: Fulbright,+ (Seabroke): The RAVE Survey: Rich in Very Metal-poor Stars

2010A&A...522A..58G: Galametz,+ (Seymour): Galaxy protocluster candidates at 1.6 < z &lap; 2

2010arXiv1011.1205K: Krühler,+ (Oates, Page): Photometric redshifts for GRB afterglows from GROND and Swift/UVOT

2010arXiv1011.1188C: Coskunoglu,+ (Seabroke): Local Stellar Kinematics from RAVE Data: I. Local Standard of Rest

2010arXiv1011.0983BBoudreault,+: Stellar and substellar mass function of the young open cluster candidates Alessi 5 and beta Monocerotis


2010ASPC..427..135Y: Yuan,+ (Wu): A Magnetohydrodynamical Model for the Formation of Episodic Jets

2010ASPC..427..114MMehdipour, Branduardi-Raymont, Page: High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of NGC 3516

2010MNRAS.tmp.1636K: Kiss,+ (Seabroke): A search for new members of the betaPictoris, Tucana-Horologium and εCha moving groups in the RAVE data base

2010arXiv1010.4049A: Aleman,+ (Matsuura): Modelling H2 Infrared Emission of the Helix Nebula Cometary Knots

2010SPIE.7742E..24M: Murray,+ (Page): Off-plane x-ray grating spectrometer camera for IXO

2010MNRAS.tmp.1602ZZane,+ (Mignani): Discovery of 59ms pulsations from 1RXS J141256.0+792204 (Calvera)

2010MNRAS.tmp.1537SSoria,+ (Zane, Wu): X-ray study of HLX1: intermediate-mass black hole or foreground neutron star?

2010MNRAS.tmp.1498I: Israel,+ (Zane): The 2008 October Swift detection of X-ray bursts/outburst from the transient SGR-like AXP 1E1547.0-5408

2010MNRAS.408..170KKaviraj: Recent star formation in local, morphologically disturbed spheroidal galaxies on the optical red sequence

2010SPIE.7742E..30SSeabroke,+: Silvaco ATLAS model of ESA's Gaia satellite e2v CCD91-72 pixels

2010arXiv1010.0419CCropper,+: The Gaia Spectroscopic Instrument (RVS): A Technical Challenge

2010ApJ...722..788A: Albano,+ (Zane): A Unified Timing and Spectral Model for the Anomalous X-ray Pulsars XTE J1810--197 and CXOU J164710.2--455216

2010MNRAS.407.2109VVande Putte,+ (Ferreras, Mignani, Cropper): A kinematic study of open clusters: implications for their origin

2010ApJ...721.1608B: Brown,+ (Still): The Absolute Magnitudes of Type Ia Supernovae in the Ultraviolet

2010MNRAS.tmp.1478BBrocksopp,+: Double-double radio galaxies: further insights into the formation of the radio structures

2010A&A...520A..21MMignani,+: VLT observations of the middle-aged pulsar PSR B1055-52

2010SPIE.7732E..48M: McEntaffer,+ (Page): Developments of the off-plane x-ray grating spectrometer for IXO

2010arXiv1009.5986SSoria: Hard and soft spectral states of ULXs

2010arXiv1009.3378M: Mignani: Neutron Star Astronomy in the era of the European Extremely Large Telescope