Recent publications

July 2016

2016ASSP...42..215T: Tortora+ (Ferreras): Systematic Variation of Central Mass Density Slope in Early-Type Galaxies

2016MNRAS.460..434H: Harnois-Déraps+ (Kitching): CFHTLenS and RCSLenS Cross-Correlation with Planck Lensing Detected in Fourier and Configuration Space

2016MNRAS.459.3986D: Devyatkin+ (Yershov):  A study of the asteroid (367943) Duende at Pulkovo Observatory 

2016MNRAS.459.3677L: Leier+ (Ferreras): Strong gravitational lensing and the stellar IMF of early-type galaxies 

2016MNRAS.459.3585G: Gonzalez Caniulef+ (Zane, Turolla, Wu): Polarized thermal emission from X-ray Dim Isolated Neutron Stars: the case of RX J1856.5-3754

2016MNRAS.459.3182P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): Theory of stellar convection - II. First stellar models 

June 2016

2016MNRAS.459..971K: Kitching+: Discrepancies between CFHTLenS cosmic shear and Planck: new physics or systematic effects?

2016yCat..35510100B: Berta+ (Page, Symeonidis): VizieR Online Data Catalog: Panchromatic SED of Herschel sources (Berta+, 2013) 

2016xnnd.confE..81B: Branduardi-Raymont+: SMILE (Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer): X-ray imaging of the Sun-Earth connection 

2016xnnd.confE..14B: Branduardi-Raymont: X-ray studies of solar system objects: now and the next decade

2016ascl.soft06008M: McEwen: s2: Object oriented wrapper for functions on the sphere

2016ascl.soft06007M: McEwen: COMB: Compact embedded object simulations

2016arXiv160607335P: Planck Collaboration+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. L. Evidence for spatial variation of the polarized thermal dust spectral energy distribution and implications for CMB B-mode analysis

2016arXiv160607066S: Saxton+ (Wu): Dark matter concentrations in galactic nuclei according to polytropic models 

2016arXiv160606579C: Costantini+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 509 XV. A global modeling of the broad emission lines in the Optical, UV and X-ray bands 

2016arXiv160605377D: Duivenvoorden+ (Symeonidis): HELP: star formation as function of galaxy environmentwith Herschel 

2016arXiv160600180A: Amendola+ (Kitching): Cosmology and Fundamental Physics with the Euclid Satellite

2016MNRAS.459..257S: Symeonidis+ (Page): AGN are cooler than you think: the intrinsic far-IR emission from QSOs 

2016MNRAS.458.4462B: Blot+ (Kitching): Non-linear matter power spectrum covariance matrix errors and cosmological parameter uncertainties

2016MNRAS.458.4321K: Koprowski+ (Symeonidis): The SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: galaxies in the deep 850μm survey, and the star-forming `main sequence' 

May 2016

2016MNRAS.458.2088P: Pintore+ (Turolla, Zane): The variable spin-down rate of the transient magnetar XTE J1810-197 

2016arXiv160500719R: Racusin+ (Oates, de Pasquale): A Correlation Between the Intrinsic Brightness and Average Decay Rate of Gamma-ray Burst X-ray Afterglow Light Curves

2016arXiv160509387P: Planck Collaboration+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. XLVIII. Disentangling Galactic dust emission and cosmic infrared background anisotropies

2016arXiv160509380F: Ferreras+: Testing the wavelength dependence of cosmological redshift down to ∆z ~10-6

2016arXiv160509130T: Taylor+ (Kitching): Cosmic Shear Bias and Calibration in Cosmic Shear Studies 

2016arXiv160508633P: Planck Collaboration+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. XLIX. Parity-violation constraints from polarization data 

2016arXiv160507178S: Saadeh+ (McEwen): How isotropic is the Universe? 

2016arXiv160503507P: Planck Collaboration+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. XLVII. Planck constraints on reionization history 

2016arXiv160502985P: Planck Collaboration+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. XLVI. Reduction of large-scale systematic effects in HFI polarization maps and estimation of the reionization optical depth 

2016arXiv160501417R: Rogers+ (McEwen): Spin-SILC: CMB polarisation component separation with spin wavelets 

2016arXiv160501414L: Leistedt+ (McEwen): Wavelet reconstruction of E and B modes for CMB polarisation and cosmic shear analyses 

2016ApJ...822...91W: Williamson+ (Kawata): Metal Diffusion in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations of Dwarf Galaxies 

April 2016

2016MNRAS.457.3448I: Israel+ (Zane, Turolla): The discovery, monitoring and environment of SGR J1935+2154

2016A&A...590A...1R: Rosen+ (Page): The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. VII. The third XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue

2016A&A...588A.139M: Mehdipour+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Whewell): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548. VII. Swift study of obscuration and broadband continuum variability

2016arXiv160407412K: Kawata+ (Hunt): Impacts of a Flaring Star-forming Disc and Stellar Radial Mixing on the Vertical Metallicity Gradient

2016arXiv160402290W: Wallis+: Optimal scan strategies for future CMB satellite experiments

2016arXiv160401777C: Cappi+ (Whewell, Branduardi-Raymont): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548 VIII. XMM-Newton's EPIC detailed view of an unexpected variable multilayer absorber

2016arXiv160401029P: Planck Collaboration+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. XLIV. The structure of the Galactic magnetic field from dust polarization maps of the southern Galactic cap

2016arXiv160401027G: Grand+ (Kawata): Spiral-induced velocity and metallicity patterns in a cosmological zoom simulation of a Milky Way-sized galaxy

2016arXiv160401024S: Saadeh+ (McEwen): A framework for testing isotropy with the cosmic microwave background 

2016A%26G....57b2.32F: Ferreras+: Is the stellar initial mass function universal?

2016MNRAS.457.2078A: Anguiano+ (Seabroke): Identification of Globular Cluster Stars in RAVE data II: Extended tidal debris around NGC 3201 

2016MNRAS.457.1916D: de la Rosa+ (Ferreras): The fate of high-redshift massive compact galaxies 

2016MNRAS.457.4179H: Harris+ (Page, Symeonidis): Star formation rates in luminous quasars at 2 < z < 3 

2016ApJ...820..105P: Pu+ (Younsi): Odyssey: A Public GPU-based Code for General Relativistic Radiative Transfer in Kerr Spacetime 

2016A%26A...588A..48C: Chemin+ (Kawata): Asymmetric mass models of disk galaxies. I. Messier 99 

2016MNRAS.457.1468L: La Barbera+ (Ferreras): Radial constraints on the initial mass function from TiO features and Wing-Ford band in early-type galaxies 

March 2016

2016MNRAS.456.4145R: Rodriguez Castillo+ (Turolla, Zane): The outburst decay of the low magnetic field magnetar SWIFT J1822.3-1606: phase-resolved analysis and evidence for a variable cyclotron feature

2016JGRA..121.2308K: Kimura+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Jupiter's X-ray and EUV auroras monitored by Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Hisaki satellite

2016JGRA..121.2274D: Dunn+ (Branduardi-Raymont): The impact of an ICME on the Jovian X-ray aurora

2016PASP..128c4501S: Smitka+ (Kuin): Decontaminating Swift UVOT Grism Observations of Transient Sources 

2016arXiv160309339W: Wojno+ (Seabroke): Chemical separation of disc components using RAVE 

2016arXiv160307722H: Hildebrandt+ (Kitching): RCSLenS: The Red Cluster Sequence Lensing Survey 

2016arXiv160300882L: Lochner+ (McEwen): Photometric Supernova Classification With Machine Learning

2016Ap.....59...31M: Mylläri+ (Yershov): Fractality of Isotherms of the Cosmic Microwave Background Based on Data from the Planck Spacecraft 

2016A%26A...587A.129E: Ebrero+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Whewell): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548. VI. Long-term variability of the warm absorber 

2016MNRAS.456.3282E: Elenbaas+ (Turolla): The impulsive phase of magnetar giant flares: assessing linear tearing as the trigger mechanism 

February 2016

2016MNRAS.456.1999M: Marchetti+ (Page, Symeonidis): The HerMES submillimetre local and low-redshift luminosity functions

2016JLTP..tmp...71B: Barbera+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Thermal Filters for the ATHENA X-IFU: Ongoing Activities Toward the Conceptual Design

2016ISPL...23..207K: Khalid+ (McEwen): Gauss-Legendre Sampling on the Rotation Group

2016MNRAS.456..870B: Bruderer+ (Ferreras): Light versus dark in strong-lens galaxies: dark matter haloes that are rounder than their stars

2016arXiv160204158D: De Pasquale+ (Page, Oates): The 80 Ms follow-up of the X-ray afterglow of GRB 130427A challenges the standard forward shock model 

January 2016

2016MNRAS.455.1027DDe Pasquale+ (Oates, Page, Zane, Breeveld): The central engine of GRB 130831A and the energy breakdown of a relativistic explosion

2016MNRAS.455.3319K: Kitching+ (Cropper, Niemi): On scale-dependent cosmic shear systematic effects 

2016arXiv160104026O: Onose+ (McEwen): Scalable splitting algorithms for big-data interferometric imaging in the SKA erar

2016arXiv160101322R: Rogers+ (McEwen): SILC: a new Planck Internal Linear Combination CMB temperature map using directional wavelets

December 2015

2015PhRvD..92l3010L: Leistedt+ (McEwen, Kitching): 3D weak lensing with spin wavelets on the ball

2015MNRAS.454.3500K: Kuijken+ (Kitching): Gravitational lensing analysis of the Kilo-Degree Survey 

2015MNRAS.454.3283Y: Younsi+ (Wu):  Variations in emission from episodic plasmoid ejecta around black holes 

2015MNRAS.454.3254T: Taverna+ (Turolla, Gonzalez Caniulef, Zane): Polarization of neutron star surface emission: a systematic analysis 

2015MNRAS.454.1432S: Schrabback+ (Kitching): CFHTLenS: weak lensing constraints on the ellipticity of galaxy-scale matter haloes and the galaxy-halo misalignment

2015MNRAS.454.1221N: Niemi+ (Kitching, Cropper): On weak lensing shape noise

2015ApJ...814...88S: Salvetti+, (Breeveld): Multi-wavelength Observations of 3FGL J2039.6-5618: A Candidate Redback Millisecond Pulsar 

2015ISPL...22.2425M: McEwen+: A Novel Sampling Theorem on the Rotation Group

2015arXiv151205591I: Israel+ (Kitching): Problems using ratios of galaxy shape moments on requirements for weak lensing surveys 

2015arXiv151205367P: Pasetto+ (Kawata, Hunt): Spiral arm kinematics for Milky Way stellar populations 

2015arXiv151203627K: Kitching+: RCSLenS: Cosmic Distances from Weak Lensing 

2015arXiv151202239G: Grand+ (Kawata): Radial migration in numerical simulations of Milky Way-sized galaxies 

November 2015

2015MNRAS.454..419B: Banerji+ (Page, Symeonidis): Cold dust emission from X-ray AGN in the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: dependence on luminosity, obscuration and AGN activity

2015SSRv..193..139K: Kirk+ (Kitching): Galaxy Alignments: Observations and Impact on Cosmology

2015SSRv..193...67K: Kiessling+ (Kitching): Galaxy Alignments: Theory, Modelling & Simulations

2015SSRv..193....1J: Joachimi+ (Kitching) Galaxy Alignments: An Overview

2015RPPh...78k6901T: Turolla+ (Zane): Magnetars: the physics behind observations. A review

2015MNRAS.453.4121O: Oates+ (De Pasquale, Page, Smith, Breeveld, Kuin): Exploring the canonical behaviour of long gamma-ray bursts using an intrinsic multiwavelength afterglow correlation 

2015arXiv151105578C: Chan+ (Kitching, McEwen): Second-Generation Curvelets on the Sphere 

2015A%26A...583A.117P: Pires+ (Turolla): New XMM-Newton observation of the thermally emitting isolated neutron star 2XMM J104608.7-594306

October 2015

2015MNRAS.453.1867G: Grand+ (Kawata, Hunt, Cropper): Spiral- and bar-driven peculiar velocities in Milky Way-sized galaxy simulations

2015MNRAS.453..561I: Israel+ (Cropper, Niemi): How well can charge transfer inefficiency be corrected? A parameter sensitivity study for iterative correction 

2015MNRAS.452.4111R: Rawlings+ (Page, Symeonidis): HerMES: disentangling active galactic nuclei and star formation in the radio source population 

2015arXiv151001595M: McEwen: Ridgelet transform on the sphere

2015A%26A...582A..62D: de Jong+ (Kitching): The first and second data releases of the Kilo-Degree Survey 

2015A%26A...582A..14D: Díaz-García+ (Ferreras): Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to z ~ 1. I. MUFFIT: A multi-filter fitting code for stellar population diagnostics 

September 2015

2015yCatp054520001R: Reynolds+ (Kuin): VizieR Online Data Catalog: Swift Galactic Plane Survey: sourcelist v3 (Reynolds+, 2013) 

2015A%26A...581A.113PPaykari+: Sparsely sampling the sky: Regular vs. random sampling

2015MNRAS.452.1519KKitching+: Path-integral evidence

2015MNRAS.452L..45PPage: X-ray photometry

2015eheu.conf...35E: Ezoe+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Solar System and Exoplanets

2015MNRAS.452.1412HHutton+ (Ferreras, Yershov): Variations of the dust properties of M82 with galactocentric distance

2015ASPC..495..319R: Rosen+ (Page): The 3XMM-DR4 Catalogue

2015arXiv150907408D: Donath+ (Owen): Gammapy - A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy

2015A%26A...581A..79WWhewell+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548. V. A clear view of the X-ray narrow emission lines

2015arXiv150906767M: McEwen+: Localisation of directional scale-discretised wavelets on the sphere

2015arXiv150906750L: Leistedt+ (McEwen): 3D weak lensing with spin wavelets on the ball

2015arXiv150906749M: McEwen+: Directional spin wavelets on the sphere

2015MmSAI..86..321PPasetto+: Dissipative phenomena in Local Group dwarf galaxies evolution and their synthetic CMDs

August 2015

2015arXiv150805246P: Pires+ (Turolla): New XMM-Newton observation of the thermally emitting isolated neutron star 2XMM 

2015ApJ...809L..22V: Viero+ (Page): HerMES: Current Cosmic Infrared Background Estimates Can Be Explained by Known Galaxies and Their Faint Companions at z < 4

2015ApJ...808..178H: Hagen+ (Page): The Evolution of the Far-UV Luminosity Function and Star Formation Rate Density of the Chandra Deep Field South from z = 0.2 to 1.2 with Swift/UVOT 

2015MNRAS.451.3649J: Jacobson+ (Wu, On): High-energy neutrino fluxes from AGN populations inferred from X-ray surveys 

2015MNRAS.451.1460K: Kettula+ (Kitching): CFHTLenS: weak lensing calibrated scaling relations for low-mass clusters of galaxies 

2015MNRAS.451.1229A: Anguiano+ (Seabroke): Identification of globular cluster stars in RAVE data - I. Application to stellar parameter calibration 

2015IAUGA..2258260S: Seabroke+ (Cropper, Benson, Dolding, Huckle, Smith, Baker): The Milky Way's halo in 6D: Gaia's Radial Velocity Spectrometer performance

2015IAUGA..2258109S: Seabroke+ (Cropper, Benson, Dolding, Huckle, Smith, Baker): First results from the Radial Velocity Spectrometer

2015IAUGA..2246748P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): The role of the Milky Way hot coronal gas on its dwarf galaxies stellar population 

2015IAUGA..2246740P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): Environmental effects on stellar populations of dwarf galaxies and star clusters

2015IAUGA..2246732P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): Environmental effects on star formation in dwarf galaxies and star clusters 

2015IAUGA..2245651P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): Scale-free convection theory 

2015IAUGA..2245637P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): Theory of Stellar Convection: Removing the Mixing-Length parameter 

2015IAUGA..2245619P: Pasetto+ (Cropper): New Theory of Stellar Convection without the mixing-length parameter: new stellar atmosphere models 

2015IAUGA..2221587F: Ferreras: A panchromatic view of M82: Dust properties 

2015IAUGA..2221586F: Ferreras: The IMF-SFH connection in massive early-type galaxies 

2015IAUGA..2221581F: Ferreras: Probing dark matter halos with strong gravitational lensing 

2015IAUGA..2221579F: Ferreras: Understanding the size growth of massive galaxies through stellar populations

2015IAUGA..2221578F: Ferreras: IMF variations in unresolved stellar populations 

July 2015

2015arXiv150702924T: Turolla+ (Zane): Magnetars: the physics behind observations

2015arXiv150701210T: Tortora+ (Ferreras): Systematic variation of central mass density slope in early-type galaxies 

2015ApJ...807L..20B: Borghese+ (Turolla): Discovery of a Strongly Phase-variable Spectral Feature in the Isolated Neutron Star RX J0720.4-3125

2015A%26A...579A..42D: Di Gesu+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Whewell): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548 IV. The short-term variability of the outflows

June 2015

2015MNRAS.450.2132H: Hunt+ (Kawata, Pasetto, Cropper): The stellar kinematics of corotating spiral arms in Gaia mock observations 

2015MNRAS.449.4476W: Wang+ (Page, Symeonidis): Co-evolution of black hole growth and star formation from a cross-correlation analysis between quasars and the cosmic infrared background 

2015MNRAS.449.3393M: Massey+ (Kitching): The behaviour of dark matter associated with four bright cluster galaxies in the 10 kpc core of Abell 3827 

2015ExA....39..207N: Niemi+ (Cropper, Szafraniec, Kitching):Measuring a charge-coupled device point spread function. Euclid visible instrument CCD273-84 PSF performance 

2015arXiv150602668G: Grand+: (Kawata, Hunt, Cropper): Spiral and bar driven peculiar velocities in Milky Way sized galaxy simulations 

2015arXiv150600638M: Martín-Navarro+ (Ferreras): IMF - metallicity: a tight local relation revealed by the CALIFA survey

May 2015

2015yCatp021034501K: Kos+ (Seabroke): VizieR Online Data Catalog: Pseudo-three-dimensional maps of DIB at 862nm

2015MNRAS.449.3137G: Graziani+ (Kawata): Galaxy formation with radiative and chemical feedback

2015MNRAS.449.2685C: Coti Zelati+ (Turolla, Zane): The X-ray outburst of the Galactic Centre magnetar SGR J1745-2900 during the first 1.5 year

2015MNRAS.449.2514K: Kuin+ (Breevald, Page, Lamoureux, James, Mehdipour, Yershov, Carter, Kennedy, Oates, Smith, De Pasquale): Calibration of the Swift-UVOT ultraviolet and visible grisms

2015MNRAS.449.2205K: Kitching+: 3D weak gravitational lensing of the CMB and galaxies

2015MNRAS.449.1505S: Simon+ (Kitching): CFHTLenS: a Gaussian likelihood is a sufficient approximation for a cosmological analysis of third-order cosmic shear statistics

2015MNRAS.449.1352C: Coupon+ (Kitching): The galaxy-halo connection from a joint lensing, clustering and abundance analysis in the CFHTLenS/VIPERS field

2015MNRAS.449.1024D: De Pasquale+ (Kuin, Oates, Page, Zane, Saxton): The optical rebrightening of GRB100814A: an interplay of forward and reverse shocks?

2015MNRAS.449..373D: Delvecchio+ (Symeonidis): Mapping the average AGN accretion rate in the SFR-M* plane for Herschel-selected galaxies at 0 < z ≤ 2.5

2015arXiv150506242V: Viero+ (Page): HerMES: Current Cosmic Infrared Background Estimates are Consistent with Correlated Emission from Known Galaxies at z < 4

2015arXiv150500798H: Hagen+ (Page): The Evolution of the Far-UV Luminosity Function and Star Formation Rate Density of the Chandra Deep Field South from z=0.2-1.2 with Swift/UVOT

2015ApJ...805...74B: Brown+ (Breevald, de Pasquale, Kuin, Page): Swift Ultraviolet Observations of Supernova 2014J in M82: Large Extinction from Interstellar Dust

2015A%26A...577A..38U: Ursini+ (Mehdipour): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548. III. The high-energy view with NuSTAR and INTEGRAL

2015A%26A...577A..37A: Arav+ (Mehdipour, Branduardi-Raymont, Whewell): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548. II. The spatial, temporal, and physical nature of the outflow from HST/COS Observations

2015hsa8.conf..234K: Khan-Ali,+ (Page, Symeonidis): Traces of co-evolution in high z X-ray selected and submm-luminous QSOs

2015hsa8.conf..102F: Ferreras+: Constraining the Initial Mass Function of unresolved stellar populations

2015hsa8.conf..873T: Talavera+ (Yershov, Page, Breeveld): XMM-Newton Optical and Ultraviolet Monitor (OM) Sources Catalogue

April 2015

2015MNRAS.449L.137L: La Barbera+ (Ferreras): The initial mass function of early-type galaxies: no correlation with [Mg/Fe]

2015MNRAS.448.1494K: Kohn+ (Symeonidis): Far-infrared observations of an unbiased sample of gamma-ray burst host galaxies

2015ExA...tmp...15NNiemi (Cropper, Szafraniec, Kitching): Measuring a charge-coupled device point spread function - Euclid visible instrument CCD273-84 PSF performance

2015arXiv150407695A: Anguiano+ (Seabroke): Identification of Globular Cluster Stars in RAVE data I: Application to Stellar Parameter Calibration

2015SSRv..187...99B: Badman+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Auroral Processes at the Giant Planets: Energy Deposition, Emission Mechanisms, Morphology and Spectra

2015A&C....10....9K: Kitching+: Image analysis for cosmology: Shape measurement challenge review & results from the Mapping Dark Matter challenge

March 2015

2015A&A...575A..22MMehdipour,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Whewell): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548. I. A global model for the broadband spectral energy distribution

2015arXiv150301778H: Hunt,+ (Kawata): A PRIMAL view of the Milky Way, made possible by Gaia and M2M modelling

2015arXiv150306597P: Page,+ (Yershov, Breeveld, Kuin, Mignani, Smith, Rawlings, Oates): The Swift UVOT serendipitous source catalogue

2015ApJ...801...56P: Pu+ (Wu): Steady General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Inflow/Outflow Solution Along Large-Scale Magnetic Fields that Thread a Rotating Black Hole

2015MNRAS.447.3526K: Kordopatis+ (Seabroke): The rich are different: evidence from the RAVE survey for stellar radial migration

2015MNRAS.447.4018G: Grand+ (Kawata, Cropper): Impact of radial migration on stellar and gas radial metallicity distribution

2015MNRAS.448...75K: Khan-Ali,+ (Page, Symeonidis): Submm-bright X-ray absorbed QSOs at z~2: insights into the co-evolution of AGN and star-formation

2015MNRAS.448L..82F: Ferreras+: Further evidence for a time-dependent initial mass function in massive early-type galaxies

2015Sci...347.1462H: Harvey,+ (Kitching): The nongravitational interactions of dark matter in colliding galaxy clusters

February 2015

2015MNRAS.447.2046H: Hawkins,+ (Seabroke): Characterizing the high-velocity stars of RAVE: the discovery of a metal-rich halo star born in the Galactic disc

2015MNRAS.447.1304F: Ford,+ (Kitching): CFHTLenS: a weak lensing shear analysis of the 3D-Matched-Filter galaxy clusters

2015MNRAS.447.1033M: Martín-Navarro,+ (Ferreras): Radial variations in the stellar initial mass function of early-type galaxies

2015MNRAS.447..298H: Hudson,+ (Kitching): CFHTLenS: co-evolution of galaxies and their dark matter haloes

2015arXiv150207204K: Kuin,+ (Breeveld, Page): The Swift UVOT grism calibration and example spectra

2015arXiv150205747T: Tinetti,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): The EChO science case

2015arXiv150205037C: Carrillo,+ (McEwen): Why CLEAN when you can PURIFY? A new approach for next-generation radio-interferometric imaging

2015arXiv150203570K: Kawata,+ (Hunt, Grand, Pasetto, Cropper): Stellar Motion around Spiral Arms: Gaia Mock Data

2015arXiv150201582P: Planck Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Planck 2015 results. I. Overview of products and scientific results

2015arXiv150201593P: Planck Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Planck 2015 results. XVIII. Background geometry & topology

2015ApJ...800L..32A: Antoja,+ (Seabroke): The Imprints of the Galactic Bar on the Thick Disk with Rave

January 2015

2015arXiv150203120L: Leistedt,+ (McEwen): Analysing the polarisation of the CMB with spin scale-discretised wavelets

2015JInst..10C1030S: Szafraniec,+ (Niemi, Cropper): On-ground characterization of the Euclid low noise CCD273 sensor for precise galaxy shape measurements

2015arXiv150104908S: Scaramella,+ (Cropper, Niemi, Kitching): Euclid space mission: a cosmological challenge for the next 15 years

2015arXiv150103978K: Kitching,+ (McEwen, Wu): Euclid & SKA synergies

2015arXiv150103977B: Bacon,+ (McEwen): Synergy between the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and the Square Kilometre Array

2015arXiv150103859T: Takahashi,+ (Kitching): Overview of Complementarity and Synergy with Other Wavelengths in Cosmology in the SKA era

2015arXiv150103828B: Brown,+ (Kitching): Weak gravitational lensing with the Square Kilometre Array

2015arXiv150101969H: Hunt,+ (Kawata, Pasetto, Cropper): The stellar kinematics of co-rotating spiral arms in Gaia mock observations

2015A&A...573A..48P: Pasetto,+ (Cropper): Environmental effects on star formation in dwarf galaxies and star clusters

2015A&A...573A..45M: Magnelli,+ (Page): The far-infrared/radio correlation and radio spectral index of galaxies in the SFR-M* plane up to z ~ 2

2015ApJ...798L...4M: Martín-Navarro,+ (Ferreras): The stellar initial mass function at 0.9<z<1.5

2015A&A...573A.113B: Bethermin,+ (Symeonidis): Evolution of the dust emission of massive galaxies up to z=4 and constraints on their dominant mode of star formation

2015arXiv150102433K: Kuin,+ (Breevald, Page, James, Lamoureux, Mehdipour, Yershov, Carter, Kennedy, Smith, Oates, De Pasquale): The Swift-UVOT ultraviolet and visible grism calibration

2015arXiv150102773M: Mignani,+ (Turolla): The study of neutron star magnetospheres with LOFT

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