Recent publications

June 2018

2018arXiv180700706A: Aydi,+ (Kuin): Multiwavelength observations of V407 Lupi (ASASSN-16kt) --- a very fast nova erupting in an intermediate polar

2018arXiv180700413M: MAGIC Collaboration,+ (Kuin): Multi-wavelength characterization of the blazar S5~0716+714 during an unprecedented outburst phase

2018arXiv180601336S: Symeonidis,+ (Page): What powers Hyperluminous Infrared galaxies at z~1-2?

2018arXiv180601787P: Pirzkal,+ (Ferreras): A Two-Dimensional Spectroscopic Study of Emission Line Galaxies in the Faint Infrared Grism Survey (FIGS) I: Detection Method and Catalog

2018MNRAS.tmpL.104J: Jimenez,+ (Kitching): Implications for the missing low-mass galaxies (satellites) problem from cosmic shear

2018arXiv180602832H: Hunt,+ (Kawata): Transient spiral structure and the disc velocity substructure in Gaia DR2

2018SSRv..214...79S: Sibeck,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Imaging Plasma Density Structures in the Soft X-Rays Generated by Solar Wind Charge Exchange with Neutrals

May 2018

2018arXiv180502588C: Ciuca,+ (Kawata): A Gaia DR2 search for dwarf galaxies towards Fermi-LAT sources: implications for annihilating dark matter

2018arXiv180503171P: Poggio,+ (Seabroke): Warped kinematics of the Milky Way revealed by Gaia

2018arXiv180503538K: Kaastra,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Recurring obscuration in NGC 3783

2018arXiv180503665F: Ferreras,+: FIGS: Spectral fitting constraints on the star formation history of massive galaxies at Cosmic Noon

2018MNRAS.477.3397T: Taylor,+ (Kitching): Cosmic Shear Bias and Calibration in Dark Energy Studies

2018MNRAS.tmp.1358A: Asgari,+ (Kitching): Flat-Sky Pseudo-Cls Analysis for Weak Gravitational Lensing

2018ApJ...858...78G: Gehrz,+ (Kuin): The Temporal Development of Dust Formation and Destruction in Nova Sagittarii 2015#2 (V5668 SGR): A Panchromatic Study

2018ATel11786....1K: Pan,+ (Kuin): Swift UVOT Grism Observations of Nearby Type Ia Supernovae - I. Observations and Data Reduction

2018PhRvD..97j4024D: De Laurentis,+ (Younsi): Test-particle dynamics in general spherically symmetric black hole spacetimes

April 2018

2018arXiv180403668T: Taylor,+ (Kitching, McEwen): Testing the Cosmic Shear Spatially-Flat Universe Approximation with GLaSS

2018arXiv180403667T: Taylor,+ (Kitching, McEwen): Preparing for the Cosmic Shear Data Flood: Optimal Data Extraction and Simulation Requirements for Stage IV Dark Energy Experiments

2018JCAP...04..021B: Burigana,+ (Kitching): Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: Effects of observer peculiar motion

2018JCAP...04..022N: Natoli,+ (Kitching): Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: mitigation of systematic effects

2018JCAP...04..023R: Remazeilles,+ (Kitching): Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: B-mode component separation

2018arXiv180406379W: Wojno,+ (Seabroke): Correlations between age, kinematics, and chemistry as seen by the RAVE survey

2018MNRAS.477..669M: Massey,+ (Taylor, Kitching): Dark matter dynamics in Abell 3827: new data consistent with standard cold dark matter

2018arXiv180409830H: Hambly,+ (Cropper, Boudreault, Seabroke, Baker, Smith, Prieto): Gaia Data Release 2. Calibration and mitigation of electronic offset effects in the data

2018arXiv180409380G: Gaia Collaboration,+ (Cropper, Seabroke, Benson, Smith, Baker, Dolding, Huckle): Gaia Data Release 2: Mapping the Milky Way disc kinematics

2018arXiv180409378G: Gaia Collaboration,+ (Cropper, Seabroke, Benson, Smith, Baker, Dolding, Huckle): Gaia Data Release 2: Observational Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams

2018arXiv180410196A: Antoja,+ (Seabroke): Wrinkles in the Gaia data unveil a dynamically young and perturbed Milky Way disk

2018MNRAS.477.5279M: McMillan,+ (Seabroke): Improved distances and ages for stars common to TGAS and RAVE

2018NatAs.tmp...41M: Mizuno,+ (Younsi): The current ability to test theories of gravity with black hole shadows

March 2018

2018MNRAS.tmp..592V: van Uitert,+ (Kitching): KiDS+GAMA: Cosmology constraints from a joint analysis of cosmic shear, galaxy-galaxy lensing and angular clustering

2018arXiv180305927K: Kawata,+: Galactic Local Circular Velocity from Gaia DR1 Cepheids and Effects of Non-Axisymmetry

2018arXiv180308525M: Mehdipour,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Multi-wavelength campaign on NGC 7469: III. Spectral energy distribution and the AGN wind photoionisation modelling, plus detection of diffuse X-rays from the starburst with Chandra HETGS

2018arXiv180307334M: Middei,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Multi-wavelength campaign on NGC 7469 IV. The broad-band X-ray spectrum

2018Galax...6...35T: Taverna,+ (Turolla): On the Spectrum and Polarization of Magnetar Flare Emission

2018MNRAS.477.1099D: Duivenvoorden,+ (Symeonidis): Red, redder, reddest: SCUBA-2 imaging of colour-selected Herschel sources

2018ApJ...856..116P: Pharo,+ (Ferreras): Spectrophotometric Redshifts in the Faint Infrared Grism Survey: Finding Overdensities of Faint Galaxies

February 2018

2018arXiv180206813D: Díaz-García,+ (Ferreras): Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to z ~ 1. III. The stellar content of the quiescent galaxy population during the last 8 Gyr

2018MNRAS.tmp..507R: Rosani,+ (Ferreras): The Influence of Galaxy Environment on the Stellar Initial Mass Function of Early-Type Galaxies

2018arXiv180208649P: Planck Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. LV. The Planck Multi-frequency Catalogue of Non-thermal Sources

2018MNRAS.475.5487S: Silva Aguirre,+ (Kawata, Ciuca): Confirming chemical clocks: asteroseismic age dissection of the Milky Way disk(s)

2018MNRAS.476.2890B: Barnes,+ (Wu, Kawata): SPMHD simulations of structure formation

January 2018

JPCSJ9321024: Gonzalez Caniulef,+ (Zane, Song, Wu): Vacuum birefringence and X-ray polarimetry in transient magnetars

2017arXiv171204714B: Baba,+ (Kawata): Gaia DR1 evidence of disrupting Perseus Arm

2018MNRAS.475.2363T: Tress,+ (Ferreras): SHARDS: Constraints on the dust attenuation law of star-forming galaxies at z~2

2018A&A...609A..35P: Peretz,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Multi-wavelength campaign on NGC7469 II. Column densities and variability in the X-ray spectrum

2018A&A...609A..83I: Inserra,+ (Kitching): Euclid: Superluminous supernovae in the Deep Survey

2018ApJ...853L..23B: Baba,+ (Kawata): Gaia DR1 Evidence of Disrupting the Perseus Arm

2018MNRAS.475.2679C: Carrillo,+ (Seabroke): Is the Milky Way still breathing? RAVE-Gaia streaming motions

2018arXiv180207658S: Sysoliatina,+ (Seabroke): The local rotation curve of the Milky Way based on SEGUE and RAVE data

December 2017

2017arXiv171204462C: Cai,+ (Pratley, McEwen): Online radio interferometric imaging: assimilating and discarding visibilities on arrival

2017ApJS..233...21R: Rhodes,+ (Kitching): Scientific Synergy Between LSST and Euclid

2017arXiv171205807L: Larson,+ (Ferreras): Discovery of a z = 7.452 High Equivalent Width Lyman-α Emitter from the Hubble Space Telescope Faint Infrared Grism Survey

2017arXiv171207852M: Mao,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548 IX. Photoionized emission features in the soft X-ray spectra

2018MNRAS.475.1203C: Ciuca,+ (Kawata, Seabroke, Cropper): The vertical metallicity gradients of mono-age stellar populations in the Milky Way with the RAVE and Gaia data

2017Sci...358.1565E: Evans,+ (Emery, Kuin, Breeveld): Swift and NuSTAR observations of GW170817: detection of a blue kilonova

November 2017

2017A&A...607A..95P: Planck Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. LI. Features in the cosmic microwave background temperature power spectrum and shifts in cosmological parameters

2017arXiv171110590D: Díaz-García,+ (Ferreras): Stellar populations of galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey up to z ~ 1. II. Stellar populations of quiescent galaxies within the stellar mass- and the UVJ colour-colour diagrams

2018MNRAS.474.3700K: Küng, + (Ferreras): Models of gravitational lens candidates from Space Warps CFHTLS

2017arXiv171104818C: Cai, + (McEwen): Uncertainty quantification for radio interferometric imaging: I. proximal MCMC methods

2017arXiv171104819C: Cai, + (McEwen): Uncertainty quantification for radio interferometric imaging: II. MAP estimation

2018MNRAS.474.4112M: Mateu, + (Kawata): Fourteen candidate RR Lyrae star streams in the inner Galaxy

2017arXiv171101265D: De Angelis, + (Zane): The e-ASTROGAM mission. Exploring the extreme Universe with gamma rays in the MeV - GeV range

2018MNRAS.474.3629G: Grand,+ (Kawata): Origin of chemically distinct discs in the Auriga cosmological simulations

October 2017

2017arXiv171008709M: Mignani,+ (Gonzalez Caniulef, Turolla, Zane, Wu): Evidence of vacuum birefringence from the polarisation of the optical emission from an Isolated Neutron Star

2017arXiv171005436K: Kasliwal,+ (Emery, Kuin): Illuminating Gravitational Waves: A Concordant Picture of Photons from a Neutron Star Merger

2017A&A...606A.135U: Urich,+ (Niemi): Young, metal-enriched cores in early-type dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster based on colour gradients

2017ApJ...848L..12A: Abbott,+ (Breeveld, Emery, Kuin, Marshall): Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger

2017NatAs...1..758D: Dunn,+ (Branduardi-Raymont, Rae, Jones, Graham, Caro-Carretero, Coates): The independent pulsations of Jupiter's northern and southern X-ray auroras

September 2017

2017arXiv170901751D: Deil,+ (Kitching): Gammapy - A prototype for the CTA science tools

2017ApJ...846...84P: Pirzkal,+ (Ferreras): FIGS -- Faint Infrared Grism Survey: Description and Data Reduction

2017A&A...605A..48K: Kokotanekov,+ (Pratley): LOFAR MSSS: The Scaling Relation between AGN Cavity Power and Radio Luminosity at Low Radio Frequencies

2017arXiv170903709Y: Yuan,+ (Wu): A Systematic Chandra study of Sgr A*: II. X-ray flare statistics

2017arXiv170908865M: Melandri,+ (Kuin): Colour variations in the GRB 120327A afterglow

2018MNRAS.473.2000T: Testa,+ (Breeveld): Large Binocular Telescope observations of PSR J2043+2740

2017MNRAS.472.4081M: McEwen,+: Wavelet-Bayesian inference of cosmic strings embedded in the cosmic microwave background

2017arXiv170806795D: Darnley,+ (Kuin): No neon, but jets in the remarkable recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a? - Hubble Space Telescope spectroscopy of the 2015 eruption

2017arXiv170910145D: Darnley,+ (Kuin): Inflows, Outflows, and a Giant Donor in the Remarkable Recurrent Nova M31N 2008-12a? - Hubble Space Telescope Photometry of the 2015 Eruption

2018MNRAS.473..867K: Kawata,+ (Ciuca): Metallicity gradient of the thick disc progenitor at high redshift

2018MNRAS.473.1258S: Schulze,+ (Pasquale): Cosmic evolution and metal aversion in superluminous supernova host galaxies

2018MNRAS.473.1038P: Pratley,+ (McEwen): Robust sparse image reconstruction of radio interferometric observations with purify

2018MNRAS.473.2288B: Bovy,+ (Kawata): Made-to-measure modeling of observed galaxy dynamics

August 2017

2017ApJ...844L..18D: Desai,+ (González-Caniulef, Coates, Wellbrock, Lewis, Taylor, Kataria): Carbon Chain Anions and the Growth of Complex Organic Molecules in Titan's Ionosphere

2017MNRAS.471...28K: Kalfountzou,+ (Page): Observational evidence that positive and negative AGN feedback depends on galaxy mass and jet power

2017arXiv170701514C: Coti Zelati,+ (Turolla, Zane): Chandra monitoring of the Galactic Centre magnetar SGR J1745-2900 during the initial 3.5 years of outburst decay

2017arXiv170803374K: Kawata: Impacts of Radial Mixing on the Galactic Thick and Thin Disks

2017arXiv170804058L: LSST Science Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Science-Driven Optimization of the LSST Observing Strategy

2017arXiv170806808O: Owen,+ (Wu, Jacobsen): Cosmic rays in early star-forming galaxies and their effects on the interstellar medium

2017arXiv170806849S: Scott,+ (Ferreras): The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Global stellar populations on the size-mass plane

2017MNRAS.471.4300D: Dabbech,+ (Pratley, McEwen): The w-effect in interferometric imaging: from a fast sparse measurement operator to superresolution

2017ApJ...845..160P: Pu,+ (Wu): Observable Emission Features of Black Hole GRMHD Jets on Event Horizon Scales

2017arXiv170406345M: Mathur,+ (Breeveld): Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project. VII. Understanding the UV anomaly in NGC 5548 with X-Ray Spectroscopy

2017MNRAS.472.2517J: Jofre,+ (Seabroke): Climbing the cosmic ladder with stellar twins in RAVE with Gaia

July 2017

2017arXiv170700132P: Planck Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. LIII. Detection of velocity dispersion from the kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect

2017arXiv170701228U: Urich,+ (Niemi): Young, metal-enriched cores in early-type dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster based on colour gradients

2017arXiv170702259C: Challinor,+ (Kitching): Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: gravitational lensing of the CMB

2017arXiv170704554M: McMillan,+ (Seabroke): Improved distances to stars common to TGAS and RAVE

2017arXiv170704671M: Mehdipour,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Chasing obscuration in type-I AGN: discovery of an eclipsing clumpy wind at the outer broad-line region of NGC 3783

2017arXiv170707023P: Pu,+ (Wu): Observable Emission Features of Black Hole GRMHD Jets on Event Horizon Scales

June 2017

2017arXiv170601610D: Desai,+ (Gonzalez-Caniulef): Carbon chain anions and the growth of complex organic molecules in Titan's ionosphere

2017arXiv170602334K: Kalfountzou,+ (Page): Observational evidence that positive and negative AGN feedback depends on galaxy mass and jet power

2017ExA...tmp...24D: De Angelis,+ (Turolla): The e-ASTROGAM mission - Exploring the extreme Universe with gamma rays in the MeV - GeV range

2017arXiv170603778M: Miglio,+ (Kawata): PLATO as it is: a legacy mission for Galactic archaeology

2017A&A...602A.123L: Lanzuisi,+ (Symeonidis): Active galactic nuclei vs. host galaxy properties in the COSMOS field

2017ITIP...26.5176W: Wallis,+ (McEwen): Sparse Image Reconstruction on the Sphere: Analysis and Synthesis

May 2017

2017arXiv170500688G: Gaia Collaboration,+ (Cropper, Seabroke, Benson, Huckle, Smith, Baker, Dolding, Hunt, Prieto, Boudreault, Rosen): Gaia Data Release 1. Testing the parallaxes with local Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars

2017MNRAS.469.3610T: Taverna,+ (Turolla): On the spectrum and polarization of magnetar flare emission

2017ApJ...840...41E: Edelson,+ (Breeveld): Swift Monitoring of NGC 4151: Evidence for a Second X-Ray/UV Reprocessing

2017ApJ...840...59C: Casey,+ (Seabroke): The RAVE-on Catalog of Stellar Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Abundances for Chemo-dynamic Studies in the Gaia Era

2017arXiv170503053R: Robichaud,+ (Kawata): Star Formation History in Barred Spiral Galaxies. AGN Feedback

2017arXiv170502170D: de Bernardis,+ (Kitching): Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: The Instrument

2017arXiv170504323M: Mateos,+ (Page): Survival of the obscuring torus in the most powerful active galactic nuclei

2017arXiv170504336B: Bates,+ (McEwen): An Optimal Dimensionality Multi-shell Sampling Scheme with Accurate and Efficient Transforms for Diffusion MRI

2017MNRAS.469.2737K: Kitching,+ (McEwen): The limits of cosmic shear

2017MNRAS.470..466S: Salvetti,+ (Breeveld): A multiwavelength investigation of candidate millisecond pulsars in unassociated gamma-ray sources

April 2017

2017arXiv170402983G: Graziani,+ (Kawata): The history of the dark and luminous side of Milky Way-like progenitors

2017arXiv170405468S: Soria,+ (Wu): Outbursts of the intermediate-mass black hole HLX-1: a wind instability scenario

2017arXiv170405695M: Matijevic,+ (Seabroke): Very metal-poor stars observed by the RAVE survey

2017A&A...601A..17B: Behar,+ (Branduardi-Raymont): Multi-wavelength campaign on NGC 7469. I. The rich 640 ks RGS spectrum

2017A&A...601A..19G: Gaia Collaboration,+ (Cropper, Seabroke, Benson, Huckle, Smith, Baker, Dolding, Hunt, Prieto, Boudreault, Rosen): Gaia Data Release 1. Open cluster astrometry: performance, limitations, and future prospects

2017A&A...601A..25C: Clarke,+ (Pratley): LOFAR MSSS: Discovery of a 2.56 Mpc giant radio galaxy associated with a disturbed galaxy group

March 2017

2017ApJ...837..131P: Pei,+ (Breeveld): Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project. V. Optical Spectroscopic Campaign and Emission-Line Analysis for NGC 5548

2017arXiv170300465F: Ferreras,+: Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Probing the merger histories of massive galaxies via stellar populations

2017A&A...599A..51P: Planck Collaboration,+ (McEwen): Planck intermediate results. L. Evidence of spatial variation of the polarized thermal dust spectral energy distribution and implications for CMB B-mode analysis

2017arXiv170304469R: Robitaille,+ (McEwen): A new perspective on turbulent Galactic magnetic fields through comparison of linear polarisation decomposition techniques

2017arXiv170305336B: Borghese,+ (Turolla, Zane): Narrow phase-dependent features in X-ray Dim Isolated Neutron Stars: a new detection and upper limits

2017arXiv170309233W: Wallis,+ (McEwen, Kitching, Plouviez): Mapping dark matter on the celestial sphere with weak gravitational lensing

2017arXiv170310456M: Melin,+ (Kitching): Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: Cluster Science

2017IAUS..316..171P: Pasetto,+ (Cropper): Environmental effects on stellar populations of star clusters and dwarf galaxies

2017A&A...600A..66V: Valentini+ (Seabroke): RAVE stars in K2 - I. Improving RAVE red giants spectroscopy using asteroseismology from K2 Campaign 1

2017AN....338..188B: Branduardi-Raymont: X-ray studies of solar system objects: Past, present, and the next decade

February 2017

2017A&A...598A..46I: Israel,+ (Kitching, Cropper): Problems using ratios of galaxy shape moments in requirements for weak lensing surveys

2017A&A...601A..59A: Antoja,+ (Seabroke): Asymmetric metallicity patterns in the stellar velocity space with RAVE

2017arXiv170207357L: Lanzuisi,+ (Symeonidis): AGN vs. host galaxy properties in the COSMOS field

January 2017

2017MNRAS.466L.113M: Monari,+ (Kawata, Hunt): Tracing the Hercules stream with Gaia and LAMOST: new evidence for a fast bar in the Milky Way

2017MNRAS.465.1995M: Metodieva,+ (Wu): Modelling the environment around five ultracool dwarfs via the radio domain

2017MNRAS.465.1401S: Symeonidis: What produces the far-infrared/submm emission in the most luminous QSOs?

2017MNRAS.465.1789G: Geach+ (Page): The SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey: 850um maps, catalogues and number counts

2017MNRAS.467L..21H: Hunt,+ (Kawata): Stars with fast Galactic rotation observed in Gaia TGAS: a signature driven by the Perseus arm?

2017MNRAS.466.3728L: Leistedt,+ (McEwen): Wavelet reconstruction of E and B modes for CMB polarization and cosmic shear analyses

2016A&A...596A..98A: Allende Prieto,+ (Kawata, Cropper): The rotation-metallicity relation for the Galactic disk as measured in the Gaia DR1 TGAS and APOGEE data

2017ApJ...835...65S: Starkey,+ (Breeveld): Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project.VI. Reverberating Disk Models for NGC 5548

2016arXiv161202433Z: Zerjal,+ (Seabroke): Chromospherically Active Stars in the RAVE Survey. II. Young dwarfs in the Solar neighborhood

2017AJ....153...75K: Kunder,+ (Seabroke): The Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE): Fifth Data Release

2017A&A...598A..46I: Israel,+ (Kitching, Cropper): Problems using ratios of galaxy shape moments in requirements for weak lensing surveys

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