High-resolution Numerical Simulations of the Galactic Centre

Dr. Daisuke Kawata and Prof. Kinwah Wu

 The project aims to develop the detailed numerical simulation model
of the central (within about 300 pc) part of the Milky Way around
the massive black hole, using MSSL's original particle-based
magneto-hydrodynamics code, GCMHD+. Using the unique numerical simulation
model, the student will study the star formation in the extreme environment
at the Galactic centre, and the effects of star formation and stellar feedback
on feeding the gas into the black hole. The simulations will be a unique
and valuable tool to understand the recent and future multi-wavelength
observations of the Galactic centre. This is a challenging project, and we seek a student who has a strong background in astrophysics and experience in scientific programming.


The Galactic Centre in far-infrared and sub-mm view. (Credit: Kruijssen et al. arXiv:1303.6286).