Position Research interests
Ruymán Azzollini EUCLID-VIS Instrument Scientist    r.azzollini
Graziella Branduardi-Raymont
Professor AGN, Planet, XMM/RGS
Alice Breeveld
Research Fellow
XiaoHao Cai Research Fellow   x.cai
Jennifer Chan PhD Student   y.chan.12
Ioana Ciuca PhD student   ioana.ciuca.16
Mark Cropper
Professor, Head of Group
Galaxy formation, Galactic archaeology, neutron stars, ultra-luminous X-ray sources, interacting binaries, instrumentation. m.cropper
Samuel Emery PhD Student   Samuel.emery.15
Ignacio Ferreras
Galaxy formation and evolution, Stellar populations, Gravitational lensing
Denis Gonzalez PhD Student   denis.caniulef.14
Idunn Jacobsen
Evolution of Neutrino composition in the universe
Daisuke Kawata
Reader Galaxy formation, Galactic archaeology, Numerical simulation d.kawata
Tom Kimpson PhD student   tom.kimpson.16
Thomas Kitching Reader, RS URF Cosmology, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Weak Gravitational Lensing, Astrostatistics, AstroInformatics, Foundations of Quantum Theory t.kitching
Paul Kuin
Research Fellow
GRB, Novae, SNe n.kuin
Jason McEwen Lecturer Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background, Large-Scale Structure, Radio Interferometry, Astroinformatics, Astrostatistics, Signal Processing, Compressive Sensing, Bayesian Analysis jason.mcewen
Alvina On
PhD Student
Ellis Owen PhD Student    
Mathew Page
Professor Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy formation and evolution, Gamma-ray bursts, Multi-wavelength surveys
Paniez Paykari Research Fellow 

Cosmology; cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, dark Universe, early Universe

Data Analysis; Baysesian statistics, sparsity, optimal numerical algorithms, source separation, restoration.

Luke Pratley PhD Student   luke.pratley.15
George Seabroke Gaia RVS Data Flow System Scientist Gaia Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS), Galactic kinematics and archaeology with the RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE), CCD radiation damage, microscopic modelling of CCDs g.seabroke
Myrto Symeonidis
Research Fellow
Infrared galaxies, star-formation, AGN/galaxy interplay, IR/submm surveys
Peter Taylor PhD student   peter.taylor.16
Monica Tress PhD Student   monica.tress.14
Zoe Vallis PhD Student   zoe.vallis.14
Christopher Wallis Research Fellow   chris.wallis
Megan Whewell PhD Student   m.whewell
Kinwah Wu
black holes, relativistic astrophysics, high-energy astrophysics, large-scale magnetic fields  kinwah.wu
Silvia Zane
Pulsars, Neutron stars, Gamma ray bursts, Radiative transfer s.zane

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