MSSL-UCL Astrophysics Group

Welcome to the University College London (UCL) MSSL astrophysics group web-site. In synergy with MSSL's involvement in space science missions, members of the astrophysics group actively work on a wide range of astronomy and astrophysics. Please also visit our MSSL Astrophysics Blog.


  • Fast-flowing gas curtails galaxy's glow (20 June 2014, published in Science, Press release UCL, MSSL astro blog, co-author: Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Megan Whewell)
  • Congratulations to Jason Hunt on his winning the UCL Research Poster Competition 2013/2014 (MSSL news).
  • ESA's Billion Star Surveyor: UCL's contribution (17 December 2013, Press Release UCL)
  • "The hot and energetic Universe" science theme, Athena, selected for the second Large-class ESA mission! (28 November 2013, Press release ESA, White Paper, Working Group: Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Matthew Page, Silvia Zane, )
  • Magnetic star reveals its hidden power (15 August 2013, published in Nature, Press release UCL, ESA, co-author: Silvia Zane)