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Welcome to the University College London (UCL) MSSL astrophysics group web-site. In synergy with MSSL's involvement in space science missions, members of the astrophysics group actively work on a wide range of astronomy and astrophysics. Please also visit our MSSL Astrophysics Blog.


  • Gaia sizes up 1.1 billion stars (UCL News, 14 September 2016)
  • Young Magnetar Likely the Slowest Pulsar Ever Detected (Publication in MNRAS, co-author: Silvia Zane, NASA Press Release, 8 September 2016)
  • Einstein's general relativity passes another stringent test (Publication in ApJ, Lead-author: Ignacio Ferreras, UCL MAPS, 11 July, 2016)
  • The greatest movie ever made, directed by astronomers, starring Our Universe (Jason McEwen, MSSL News, 19 May 2016)
  • Indian multi-wavelength space observatory, Astrosat, successful launch. MSSL provided parts for UVIT, the UV instrument on board, in particular the high voltage power supplies, based on XMM-OM and Swift-UVOT heritage, through a Canadian collaboration. (28 September 2015)
  • MSSL involved in new NASA proposal (Team member: Kinwah Wu, Silvia Zane, MSSL News, NASA Press Release, 5 Aug 2015)
  • ESA shortlists three space missions with major UCL contributions (UCL MAPS, 17 June 2015)

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