Who's Who at MSSL

Head of Department

Head of Department: Professor Andrew Fazakerley

Deputy Head of Department (Astrophysics): Professor Mark Cropper

Deputy Head of Department (Solar System): Professor Andrew Coates

Science Group Leaders

Astrophysics: Professor Mark Cropper

Climate Extremes: Professor Mark Saunders

Cryogenics: Dr Ian Hepburn

Imaging: Professor Jan-Peter Muller

Photon Detection Systems: Dr Dave Walton

Planetary Sciences: Dr Geraint Jones

Plasma Detection Systems: Dhiren Kataria

Solar Physics: Dr Sarah Matthews

Space Plasma Physics: Professor Andrew Fazakerley

Space Medicine: Dr. Iya Whitely

Theory: Professor Kinwah Wu

Engineering Group Leaders

Computing: Dr. Paul Lamb

Electronics: Gary Davison

Mechanical & Thermal Engineering: Berend Winter (Deputy: Tom Hunt)

Mechanical Workshop Manager: Simon Hemsley

Programme Manager: Dave Linder

Software Engineering: Steve Baker

Technology Management: Michael Emes

Centre for Systems Engineering: Alan Smith (Deputy: Michael Emes)

Product Assurance Manager: Alan Spencer

Facilities Manager: Alex Rousseau

Administration, Management, Support and Safety

Administration and Management

Departmental Administrator: Dimitra Stamogiannou

Accounts Administrator: David White

Commercial Manager: Dr Richard Cole

Kitchen: Sue Ford


Departmental Safety Officers: Dave Linder

Deputy Departmental Safety Officer: Vitor Botelho

Chief Fire Safety Officer: Dimitra Stamogiannou

Deputy Fire Safety Officer: David White

Radiation Safety Officer: Richard Darnley

Deputy Radiation Safety Officer: Vitor Botelho

Equal Opportunities

Departmental Equal Opportunities Officer (DEOLO): Dimitra Stamogiannou


Careers Officer: Prof. Andrew Fazakerley

Careers Officer: Dr. Sarah Matthews

Student related

Postgraduate Tutor: Daisuke Kawata

Departmental Tutor: Matthew Whyndham

MSc Space Science and Engineering Programme Tutor: Sarah Matthews

MSc Space Risks and Disaster Reduction Programme Tutor: Robert Wicks

MSc Systems Engineering Management Programme Tutor: Matthew Whyndham

MSc Management of Complex Projects Programme Tutor: Michael Emes

MSc Technology Management Programme Tutor: Matthew Whyndham

Pastoral Tutors: Sarah Matthews, Chris Owen

Postgraduate Administrator: Philippa Elwell

Careers Liaison Tutor: Sarah Matthews


Chair of Board of Examiners (Space Science and Engineering): Mat Page

Chair of Board of Examiners (Systems Engineering Management): Kinwah Wu

Graduate Tutor (Research): Daisuke Kawata

Graduate Tutor (Teaching): Matthew Whydham

Programme Organiser (SEM): Michael Emes

Programme Organiser (SSE): Sarah Matthews

Programme Organiser (SRDR): Robert Wicks

Pastoral Tutors: Sarah Matthews; Chris Owen

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