Student Poster Prize

 The MSSL Student Poster Competition is held annually. Posters are displayed in the common room and may go on to be displayed at UCL in a higher level competition. The award is made by the Director after consultation with senior staff.

Past recipents

2009:  Annie Wellbock "Titan's photoelectrons: Studying the plasma environment of Saturn's Earth-like moon"

Presented on 4 March 2009

2010: Awat Rahimi

Presented on 3 March 2010


1st – Dave Sheldon (Solar)

2nd – Rob Grant (Astro) "Dynamics in the solar atmosphere due to emerging flux observed by HINODE and SDO"

3rd – Daoxi Zhang (Imaging) "Understanding the potential and limitations of solar-induced fluorescent imaging of cyanobacteria in oceans"

Presented 14 Feb 2011:


1st - David Barnes (Astro) "Large Scale Magnetic Fields"

2nd - Emma Gale (Climate) "Thailand Flood 2011"

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