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What Former MSc Technology Entrepreneurship Students Say:

Deutina Idisi

Guneesha Kohli

Nicolas Bos 

Toledo Chao-Cheng Hung

Deniz Ozalp

Deniz Ozalp (part-time 2011/13): The MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It has truly been more than I have ever expected or imagined. The mentors are very supportive, creative and helpful. The professors and lecturers know what they are doing really well. They are always keen to make introductions and help us extend our network. They also support us in identifying our skills and help us team up with colleagues who can complement our skills. There is something happening all the time!

You will meet some very famous and influential people like Eric Ries, John Mullins, Alex Osterwalder. One of our mentors, Salim Virani, works closely with Alex Osterwalder and he will help you with creating business models. You will also meet other creative minds like Timothy Barnes (UCL Advances) who will give you information on Business Plans and much more.

I did my undergraduate degree at City University and City was also a very good school, but I've made the best choice by coming to UCL.

Fadzli Anuar

Fadzli Anuar credits the course with giving him the confidence to win Malaysian entrepreneurs' challenge TV show 'Make the Pitch': "It's not an inborn trait, the course is very hands-on and you learn through practical experience how to be an entrepreneur. You discover how to anticipate difficult, probing questions from would-be investors. I find myself thinking: "What would Dave Chapman [the Course Director] have asked if I was pitching to him?"


Gustavo Gorenstein: "I intend to use all the learned frameworks and create value out of innovation that will ultimately benefit society. I have received funding from UCL to present a project in an international competition in Brazil, which was an amazing transition from an academic perspective to real-world contact, and also a scholarship for the Entrepreneurship Summer School at London Business School. 

UCL also provided a hatchery [UCL Advances Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Interaction] for students with projects. The space is amazingly good with everything needed to get a project off the ground. Not to mention the ongoing support and contacts from the staff."


Rodrigo Martinez: Rodrigo feels MSc Technology Entrepreneurship is especially good for motivating students. “Everything is there if you want it, from help with your business plan to networking with the wider business community. You get as much out of the course as you’re prepared to put in.”

Since completing the course, Rodrigo set up a company based in Mexico's rapidly developing Silicon Valley and launched successful online video interview platform OVIA In October 2011, OVIA (since rebranded as WePow) received $2.5 million funding from venture capital firm DCM to further develop their software. 

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