Frequently Asked Questions about MSc Technology Entrepreneurship 

Q. What are the term dates for 2014-2015?

A. UCL term dates

Q. What are the entrance requirements for the programme?

A. A minimum of a second-class Honours degree (or its overseas equivalent) in a science, engineering, technology, medicine or related area

Candidates with other qualifications may be considered but only provided they are able to clearly demonstrate solid entrepreneurial aspirations (and preferably, experience), plus demonstrable capabilities in a technology intensive context. 

If you have a business, management or accounting background you should apply for our MSc Management course instead. 

Q. Can I find out if I am a suitable candidate for the course before actually applying?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to comment on a candidate's suitability for the course until we receive a completed application form with all relevant information and documentation. 

Q. I am an international student, how can I find out what the degree equivalency is for my home institution?

A. International Students qualification equivalents

Q. I am currently studying and do not have my final results yet, should I wait to receive my transcript before applying?

A. If your predicted final results meet our minimum entry requirements, you can apply before receiving your final degree results. You should include details of your predicted results on your application form, and an official transcript of your results so far. If we are able to make you an offer of study, it will be conditional and you will need to prove that you meet the condition before the beginning of the course.

Q. How many hours a week do students attend the campus for this course? 

Full-time students currently attend four lectures per week in the first and second terms. Each lecture lasts three hours. During the first and second terms, students also attend the London Entrepreneurs' Challenge  17:30 - 18:30 each Tuesday and the Entrepreneurship Guest Lectures each Thursday at 17:30 - 18:30. Attendance at various Revision Sessions is also required in Term Two. Part-time students attend two lectures per week, plus the aforementioned evening sessions. The third term is given over to working on a dissertation and a number of individual meetings with students' mentors.

Q. How can I apply?

You can apply online via UCLSelect

Q. What is the GMAT requirement for the MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship?
We do not require GMAT or GRE for this programme

Q. How many referees to I have to provide and can they be employers as well as academic referees.

A. Two referees and yes they can be employers.

Q. My referees are unable to provide references electronically; can I provide hard copy reference letters?  

A. Yes, you can post hard copies to the UCL Admissions Office. These will then be attached to your application form. Please make the course and your application number are clear.

Q. How long is the course and what are the term dates?

A. The course lasts for a full calendar year from September to September. Teaching finishes at the end of Term Two, allowing students to prepare for exams and the dissertation.  

Term dates are available each year on the UCL website

Q. What is the difference between MSc Technology Entrepreneurship and MSc Management?

A. MSc Technology Entrepreneurship is a specialised masters course for students wish atechnical background who wish to become entrepreneurs once they graduate, whereas MSc in Management is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to work for leading world business organisations.

Q. Can you send me a brochure/prospectus/information pack for the programme?

A. All information about the programme is available online on our web pages. This is so we can keep information completely up-to-date and also help to conserve the world's natural resources. Details of the course modules

Q. Can you send me an application for the programme?

A. Applications for September 2014 can be made using an online application form

Q. What are the fees for the programme?

A. Information about fees and costs

Q. Can I enrol in the programme part-time?

A. Yes, you can study over two years part-time rather than one year full-time. Part-time study is an increasingly popular option. 

Q. Can I begin the programme in January or some other time in the middle of the year?

A. No, the programme has a single intake each September at the beginning of the academic year at UCL. It is not possible to start the programme at any other time.

Q. Where can I find out about UCL accommodation?

A. Details of the accommodation available at UCL

Q. Can I obtain a scholarship or assistantship or some other form of funding?

A. Information about financial assistance. Regrettably there is little funding available for students in taught postgraduate programmes, and what funding does exist is very competitive. 

Q. What are the language requirements for the programme?

A. We have to strictly adhere to UCL's English Language Proficiency Requirements for postgraduate programmes, which are evaluated by UCL Registry and Academic Services (see above).

Q. When is the application deadline for the programme?

A. Although there is no strict deadline, but to avoid disappointment overseas applications should be made by 31st May. There is more flexibility with applications from the UK as applicants do not need to satisfy English language requirements and apply for a visa.

Q. May I schedule an appointment with the course coordinator to discuss my qualifications and interest in the programme?

A. Due to the extremely high volume of applications received, it is not possible for the course coordinator to meet personally with each applicant.

Q. I have the following qualifications: ... Will I be admitted to the programme?

A. We must see a fully completed application, including reference letters, transcript and statement of purpose, in order to make admissions decisions. We are unable to make admissions decisions or comment on international qualifications based on information supplied by email. UCL Admissions check all completed applications and qualifications before they forward them to our department.

Q. How long does the dissertation element of the course have to be?

A. The dissertation should be up to 15,000 words, excluding booklist and appendices. 

Q. What do students gain from MSc Technology Entrepreneurship?

A. Feedback from past students

Q. Will it improve my chances of being accepted if I apply for more than one MSc course?

A. No, and if your apply for more than one MSc it will indicate that you are unfocused regarding your career ambitions and is more likely to lead to you being rejected for both courses. We currently offer another MSc - in Management - and the career outcome for this course is very different from MSc Technology Entrepreneurship.

Q. Where does the course lead in terms of a future career?

A. Links to startup companies that students have formed and major world businesses that employ TE alumni. Very few students take up further higher education study as this programme is not focused on academia. 

Q. What is the average age of a student on the course?

A. This obviously varies slightly from year-to-year but on average students are 22 or 23 years-old.

Q. My application has been unsuccessful. Can I find out why and request to be reconsidered?

Unfortunately we are unable to give details as to why individual applications have been unsuccessful. We cannot reconsider decisions due to the high volume of applications. 

Q. Further Information

A. If you have any other questions regarding the programme that are not addressed on our web pages please email the programme administrator Adrian Smith at a.j.smith@ucl.ac.uk

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