Optional Courses in 'Innovation Management'

The aim of this programme is to engender in students the belief that entrepreneurship is a viable career option and to equip those students with the skills needed to pursue this option. It is open to postgraduate students for assessment or as a means of developing “innovation management” skills and understanding. The courses are of particular interest to those considering development of an innovative business opportunity or who are writing a dissertation or thesis where the topic has commercial potential. The courses are given alongside the similarly coded and titled undergraduate courses but have separate examining arrangements. Students may take one or more courses.

Identifying the opportunity – Term 1

The practical application of MSIN7007 Mastering Entrepreneurship through the development and writing of a group (3+ people) Business Plan

MSING002: Mastering Entrepreneurship

Value: 15 credits
Pre-requisites: MSIN6001 preferable, but not essential

This course will be of interest to those who are considering forming their own business. The aim of the course is to give an understanding of business planning and securing the necessary resources (including finance) for the new business together with the criteria for success of a new business (personal, market and technical). The course draws heavily for illustration and illumination on a wide range of case studies extending from high-technology-based businesses to conventional service-sector studies.

Implementation– Term 2

MSING001: Project Management

Value: 15 credits
Pre-requisite Course: MSIN6001 preferable, but not essential

To see how projects and organisational changes are implemented. This final year course brings together in an interdisciplinary framework many ideas and techniques. Included are examples from the public and charitable sectors as well as commerce and industry. The course contains group work on case studies and 'business simulations' as well as lectures to enable you to: define the concept of the project in relation to industrial and commercial organisations; introduce the needs, tools and the success/failure indicators for managing projects; exemplify project management by illustrative case studies and practical exercises. Students may also attend one of the two versions in Term 1.

MSING004: Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Value: 15 credits
Pre-requisites: MSIN6001 preferable, but not essential.
This course builds and expands on the topics dealt with in MSING002 Mastering Entrepreneurship by putting the theories learnt into practice through the writing and presenting of a Business Plan. Students will work in groups to develop their ideas into a professional plan for a start-up business; this includes a market research report, the marketing and operational plan, and the full business plan.