Frequently Asked Questions about the MSc in Management

Q. How can I apply?
You may apply online on the admissions website.

Q. What is the GMAT requirement for the MSc Management?
We do not require GMAT or GRE.

Q. Can I find out if I am a suitable candidate for the course before applying?
Unfortunately we are not able to comment on a candidate's suitability for the course before we receive a completed application form. Our minimum entry requirements can be found above.

Q. Will it improve my chances of being accepted if I apply for more than one MSc course?

No, in fact if your apply for more than one MSc it will indicate that you are unfocused regarding your career ambitions and is more likely to lead to you being rejected for both courses. We currently offer another MSc - in Technology Entrepreneurship - and the career outcome for this course is very different from MSc Management.

Q. I am an international student, how can I find out what the degree equivalency is for my home institution?
International Students may ascertain qualification equivalents from the UCL international students website.

UCL Admissions check qualification equivalencies before forwarding application forms to our department. We are unable to comment on international qualifications.

Q. I am currently studying and do not yet have my final results, should I wait to receive my transcript before applying?
If your predicted final results meet our minimum entry requirements, you can apply before receiving your final degree results. You should include details of your predicted results on your application form, and an official transcript of your results so far. If we are able to make you an offer of study, it will be conditional and you will need to prove that you meet the condition before the beginning of the course.

Q. My degree results are just under a 2.1, can I be considered anyway?
No, unfortunately we are not able to consider any candidates below the minimum entry requirements. This includes applicants with a current average grade below a 2:1 or equivalent.

Q. What documents are required for the application?
You will need to include a degree transcript, two references and a personal statement. Overseas applicants should also supply evidence of their English language ability usually via either an IELTS or TOEFL test.

Q. I have studied in English; do I need to take a language test?
Candidates may be exempt if they can show evidence of substantial education (minimum of twelve months) or work experience (minimum eighteen months) conducted in English and undertaken no more than two years prior to the proposed date of enrolment.

For more information on our English language requirements can be found on the prospective students pages.

Q. I am going to take an English test later in the year, can I still apply now?
You may apply now for a place on a programme without a current English test as long as you send your qualification as soon as your receive it. It you are offered a place, it will be conditional on your providing evidence of English before the start of the course.

Q. My referees are not able to provide references electronically; can I provide hard copy reference letters?
Yes, you can post hard copies to the Admissions Office to be attached to your application form.

Q. What are the fees for the programme?
Information regarding fees and costs can be found on the UCL fees website.

Q. I want to start the course in January, is this possible?
No, we only have one intake a year in September.

Q. How long is the course and what are the term dates?
The course lasts for a full calendar year from September to September. Teaching finishes at the end of Term two, allowing students to prepare for exams and final project.  

Term dates are available each year on the UCL website.

Q. Can I obtain a scholarship or funding?
Information about departmental scholarships is available from our website.

Information about financial assistance is available here.

Q. What careers support is available to students studying on this course?
Please visit the careers website for information regarding our dedicated careers support.

Q. May I schedule an appointment with the Programme Administrator or Course Director to discuss my qualifications and interest in the programme?
Due to the extremely high volume of applications received, it is not possible for staff to meet personally with applicants before they have been given an offer of study.

Q. My application has been unsuccessful. Can I find out why and request to be reconsidered?
Unfortunately we are not able to give details on why a particular application has been unsuccessful, and cannot reconsider the decision.

Further Information

If you have any other questions regarding the programme that are not addressed on our web pages please email us.

Email: msi-management@ucl.ac.uk

Telephone: 020 7679 3489