Internships and work experience

Contacts with the companies and organisations which support the Information Management for Business (IMB) programme start early in the first year of the course. You will be introduced to people from the largest and most successful organisations in every industrial, commercial, consulting and financial sector right from the start of your studies. This means that you can begin to form your own impressions of the types of organisations that you would like to work for and the careers on offer – and, in particular, the careers that inspire you!

The companies offer a variety of work opportunities to suit all student requirements. These range from short periods of work shadowing and observing, through to the opportunity to take a full year out on an industrial or commercial placement. There are also plenty of options for placements of between one and four months, which are taken during the summer vacation.

Students wishing to take a full year out need to arrange this with the course director and the company offering the placement. A full year out is normally taken between the second and third year, or between the third and fourth year for those who wish to continue with the full MSci programme.

The list of opportunities for work experience, internships and industrial and organisation placements is growing all of the time. From 2012, we have a formal link with Cisco Systems, and this includes the opportunity for IMB students to work for the company for a year, either in the UK or else in California. The first student to go out there is Amna Asghar; and together with two others they have started up the following blog.

As well as giving a very useful running commentary on how things are turning out, it is also very helpful for anyone wanting to know and understand the benefits of doing internships and work experience.

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