MSIN7007 A or B - Mastering Entrepreneurship Term 2

Course Leader: Dr Ludmila Striukova


This course will be of interest to those who are considering forming their own business or who envisage having a role promoting new initiatives within existing organisations. The aim of the course is to give an understanding of:

• the criteria for success of a new business (personal, market & technical)

• business planning and securing the necessary resources (including finance) for the new business.

The course will draw heavily for illustration and illumination on a range of case studies mostly from high-technology ventures. They best illustrate the challenges of creating high potential enterprises.


By the end of the course students should:

• have a clearer view of how to judge the potential of a high-potential business concept

• understand the difference between a true opportunity and just another idea

• recognise the effort and dedication needed to make a business succeed

• be aware of the different marketing challenges faced by ‘breakthrough’ products and ‘me-too’ products

• recognise the importance of direct experience in an industry and of reputation and existing relationships with others in the industry

• have an understanding of the various sources of finance (conventional and unconventional) and to know how to make a case to financial investors