Undergraduate Course Listing




M Level Courses avaliable to 4th year MEng and MSci Students.

Please note that:

1. For undergraduate modules the fifth character (number) is defined as follows:
1 = Year 1; 2 = Year 2; 3 = Year 3; 4 = Year 4; 5 = Year 5; 6 = Any year
7 = Any year except Year 1; 9 = Major project/dissertation/extended essay

2. Undergraduate courses are 0.5 UCL Course Units (7.5 ECTS credits) except for MSIN9001 (1.0 UCL Course Units).

3. Postgraduate courses are all rated at 15 credits except MSINGT99 and MSINGM99 which are worth 60 credits.

The information regarding the MS&I module is, as far as possible, accurate at the date of publication. The courses available are those which the UCL Department of Management Science and Innovation expects to provide in 2011/12 academic year.

The Department reserves the right, before the student commences study on any of the courses detailed in this document, to discontinue teaching the course or withdraw and/or amend the contents of any topic contained within that course.