MSINGT99: Dissertation

Lecturer: Dr. Dave Chapman


During the first and second terms, students explore the feasibility of their proposals and develop a proposal for their dissertation project.

Business plans must:

  • Demonstrate through study, research, analysis, development or experimentation, the technical viability (or non-viability) of the proposed venture.
  • Demonstrate through market research, financial analyses, risk analyses or other recognised approaches, the commercial (or organisational) viability (or non-viability) of the venture.
  • Document, in the style of a formal business plan, the proposed manner in which the venture will operate over a two to five year time frame.
  • Satisfy UCL’s requirements for a Masters’ degree dissertation.

If possible they should be based on commercialisation of research developments in the fields of science, technology or engineering. The business plan will show evidence of both primary and secondary market research and be supported by a comprehensive review of appropriate published sources. You will be allocated a dissertation mentor with whom you are expected to meet weekly throughout the course of study.