MSING022: Organisational Behaviour


The purpose of this course is to help you to appreciate the contribution of the
behavioural sciences to our understanding of how organisations function. It will
emphasize how an understanding of individual and group behaviour can improve
both the quality of working life and the effectiveness of organisations.
The course is organized into three broad sections:

  •  Individual Behaviour This part of the course will introduce you to the field of organisational behaviour. This part of the course describes the nature of individual differences and similarities in underlying characteristics and approaches to work, motivation, and decision making.
  •  Group Behaviour. This part of the course is concerned with what happens when individuals function, perform and interact with each other as part of a group. We will start by looking at human communication and examining all the potential dysfunctions of communication that can occur. We will then look at what happens when individuals work in groups, how other people can affect our behaviour in ways we might not expect, and how to put together the perfect team.
  •  Organisations. We will end with exploring topics related to the systems and structures through which people in organizations interact, and the implications of this for individual behaviour and organizational performance.


The purpose of this course is not just to teach you about the theory behind how
organizations and individuals mutually influence one another, but also to help you
develop a sophisticated understanding of the motivations that drive people’s
behaviour in real organisations, and the skills and confidence to promote your ideas
and views within an organisation in the ‘real world’. To accomplish this objective, we
will draw on a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, class and group
discussion, group project work, and case studies.
This format means that it is essential that you come to class prepared for
discussions, having read and thought about the materials, and willing to participate.
It also means that attendance in the sessions is essential. If you will be unable to
attend a session, it is critical that you let me know at least 48 hours in advance.