Postgraduate Course Listing

Postgraduate Courses

MSc in TE Programme - these modules are only available to students on the MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship programme

MSc in Management Programme - these modules are only available to students on the MSc in Management programme

PLEASE NOTE: Postgraduate courses are all rated at 15 credits except MSINGT99 and MSINGM99 which are worth 60 credits.

The information regarding the MS&I programme and individual courses within the Department of MS&I is, as far as possible, accurate at the date of publication. The courses available are those, which the Department of MS&I expects to provide, in the academic session to which this document relates.

However, the Department of MS&I reserves the right, before the student commences study on any of the courses detailed in this document, to discontinue teaching the course or withdraw and/or amend the contents of any topic contained within that course.

Entrepreneurship Guest Lectures

As part of the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship course - and in conjunction with UCL Advances - there is a series of highly motivational guest lectures delivered by leading entrepreneurs and investors.

There is an introduction by the leading entrepreneur or venture capitalist investor followed by an interview-style Q&A session with the BBC's consumer affairs correspondent (and part-time Management Science and Innovation staff member!) Gillian Lacey-Solymar

2009/2010 Guest Lecture Series

2010/2011 Guest Lecture Series

Optional Courses in 'Innovation Management'

The aim of this programme is to engender in students the belief that entrepreneurship is a viable career option and to equip those students with the skills needed to pursue this option. It is open to postgraduate students for assessment or as a means of developing “innovation management” skills and understanding. The courses are of particular interest to those considering development of an innovative business opportunity or who are writing a dissertation or thesis where the topic has commercial potential. The courses are given alongside the similarly coded and titled undergraduate courses but have separate examining arrangements. Students may take one or more courses.

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