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Dr Marco Aponte-Moreno
MSc Management students only
Term 1 - 3
Management Research Workshops (x 5 weeks), Consultancy Experience (up to six weeks) in a company or non-profit organisation, One-on-one supervision meetings with MSI faculty assigned supervisors.

100% - 10,000-15,000-word research project.

The Global Research Project is a research exercise aimed at providing postgraduate students with practical experience and theoretical tools related to conducting research in a global management context. The project consists of three stages:

  1. Management research workshops organised throughout both terms.
  2. Consultancy project carried out by a team of students for a company, bank, or non-profit organisation. Students are free to find their own client, but they can also sign up for one of the projects that are part of the HELO (Higher Education London Outreach) programme co-ordinated by UCL Advances.
  3. Writing of a research study (individually or in groups of two students) related to the consultancy experience and based on the collection of both primary and secondary data. Although the study is based on an element identified during the consultancy experience, it is an academic exercise that should include a literature review, a theoretical framework, a research methodology, and a thorough analysis of the data. Students will be assigned supervisors from the MSI faculty to overlook the research and writing process. After completing a series of Research Methods workshops organised throughout the year, students prepare a research proposal and submit it to their supervisors for approval.

Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities related to carrying out consulting assignments
  • Develop the skills to conduct management research using both primary and secondary data
  • Learn how to write a literature review on a research topic and design a research study
  • Develop the skills to analyse and interpret both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Understand and conduct multivariate analysis by using Excel and/or SPSS
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities related to conducting research in a global context
  • The elements of successful research
  • Doing a literature review
  • Designing management research
  • Creating and making sense of qualitative data
  • Creating and making sense of quantitative data
  • Multivariate analysis (Excel and/or SPSS)
  • Conducting research in a global context

100% - 10,000-15,000-word research study

Easterby-Smith et al. (2012) Management Research. 4th Edition. London: Palgrave.

SPSS/Excel Guides (will be provided in lectures).