Core Module Information:

Taught by:

Delivery method:
Dr Laura Cousins
MSc Management students only
Term 2
5 full day sessions (x 5 weeks)
50% individual essay, 25% group coursework, 25% class participation

The Markets and Customers course focuses on two key themes in marketing: understanding and choosing customers, and creating and realising value for customers through the marketing mix.

The course covers the marketing perspective, conceptual and research tools for understanding and choosing customers, the organising framework for marketing, value creation, and realisation, communication and branding, and the design and management of the delivery of value.

The course is highly interactive, based around lecture/ discussions, real life case studies and a computer based simulation. The lectures introduce and explore key concepts, while the cases allow you to practice skills of issue analysis and decision making more holistically. The simulation runs throughout the five days; during this you will work within a team to develop and execute a marketing strategy for a consumer electronics firm in competition with other teams on the course. In addition to introducing some further ideas and techniques in Marketing, the simulation will help internalise and synthesise the ideas of marketing, as you make decisions and then live with the consequences of them.

On completion of this course you should understand the importance of, and be able to:

  • Frame issues with customer insight as the central defining element and organise thinking through the marketing planning framework
  • Analyse customers and create a compelling narrative describing who they are, what they need and how the organisation can relate to this
  • Apply analytical frameworks to gain insight into the nature and source of marketing problems and opportunities
  • Apply suitable decision frameworks to improve the rigour and comprehensiveness of marketing decisions
  • Use concepts and frameworks flexibly to adapt to the situation specific nature of real-world marketing issues
  • Identifying marketing opportunities, analysing buyer behaviour and choosing customers
  • Creating value for customers, and developing a marketing plan
  • Realising value and managing go-to-market strategy
  • Branding and communications. Innovation
  • 50% individual essay on a chosen aspect of the course
  • 25% group coursework producing a marketing plan for your company in the computer simulation
  • 25% class participation

Silk, ‘What is Marketing’, HBS Press, 2006. (a short introduction to the core ideas in marketing)

Markstrat handbook (your guide to the simulation that will help you avoid frustration and disaster)

Course cases (Marketing is simple but not easy – the cases will test whether you can really apply the ideas)