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In Progress

“Uncertainty, social choice and social structure of economic life: A micro-macro perspective.”

“Social network status differences and perceptions of network inequality in organizations” (with M. Kilduff and D. Krackhardt).

“Institutional logic of open source communities” (with P. Thornton)

“Self perception versus perception of others in personality dimensions” (with M. Kilduff).

“Evolution of large subway networks” (with C. Roth, M. Batty, M. Barthélemy).

Select Top Journals

“The Organizational Selection of Status Characteristics: Status Evaluations in Open Source Communities.” Organization Science (forthcoming) (with A.J. Bianchi and D. Stewart).

High Quality Journals

“Structure of Urban Movements: Polycentric Activity and Entangled Hierarchical Flows.“ PLoS ONE 6(1): e15923. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015923 (with C. Roth, M. Batty, M. Barthélemy).

“Equicentrality and Network Centralization: A Micro-Macro Linkage.” Social Networks 29(4), 585-601.

“A Note on Measures of Similarity Based on Centrality.” Social Networks 29(1), 137-142.