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Sarah Harvey is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Management Science & Innovation (MS&I). Before joining UCL, she obtained her PhD in Organizational Behaviour at the London Business School.  Read more.

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Sarah teaches “Creativity & Innovation in Organizations” in the MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and “Organizational Behaviour” in the MSc in Management and MSc in Information Management for Business. She has previously taught on courses for masters students and executives at the London School of Economics and the London Business School.  Read more.


Sarah’s research interests include creativity, innovation, decision making, and interpersonal dynamics in small groups. Some of her current research projects are described below.  Sarah's research projects


"Creative synthesis: Exploring the process of extraordinary group creativity". Academy of Management Review.

"Collective engagement in creative tasks: The role of evaluation in the creative process in groups" Administrative Science Quarterly
"A different perspective: The multiple effects of deep level diversity on group creativity" Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

"Ideas are born in fields of play: Toward a theory of play and creativity in organizational settings" Research in Organizational Behavior

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