Peter Antonioni's

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Peter’s research interests are centred around the key problem of understanding the future, and in particular the perils of relying on only one methodology.

A sample of some of his recent projects:

The Transfer Market in Football

(published in The European Journal of Law and Economics and The Economics of Association Football, ed Bill Gerrard )

After Bosman, the world was greeted with tumultuous predictions of the impending collapse of the transfer market. In a bold paper, Peter Antonioni and John Cubbin argued that this fear was misplaced and that economic analysis could uncover a number of reasons to suppose that the transfer fee was here to stay.

Ecology and music software
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In preparation, a long view of the music software history and pre-history, going back to machine orchestras and tracing them through to today, taking in the role of standards, ecologies based on competing standards and the knock on effect of technical development in a supplying industry upon the market for recorded music. The original research was performed with assistance of the European Commission’s KEINS syndicate.

Housing Construction Volatilty
Northern Rock

Several papers came from his work with Michael Ball on housing construction volatility and price booms, especially looking at the British case, where supply constraints are a feature of the housing market.