Pete Clark


Internal: 51026


Peter is a Lecturer (Teaching Fellow) in the Department of Management Science and Innovation (MS&I). He has a DBA from Henley and a MBA from Cox (SMU) in his native United States.

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Peter teaches finance, both graduate and undergraduate levels. Other MS&I courses are “Mergers & Valuation”, “Corporate Financial Strategy” and a course in financial fraud and ethics. He has taught executives at the Barclays University programme conducted at London Business School.

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Peter’s research interests include merger success measurement and all aspects of corporate valuation, particularly elements of today’s prevailing discounted cash flow (DCF) multiple stage methodologies.


Beyond the Deal: Optimizing Merger and Acquisition Value. Harper Business.

Net Value: Valuing Dot-Com Companies: Uncovering the Reality Behind the Hype. Amacom.