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Leadership, Ethics and Communication

Business plays an essential role in society. This role is constantly changing in response to economic, social, and political forces that shape the demands that are placed on business. In this module, the demands for more responsible business are investigated through a critical review of concepts in the leadership, business ethics and communication fields. The module appraises theories of leadership for understanding how authority and power can be evoked and applied in organizations in an effective way. The principles of effective communication are reviewed for equipping students with knowledge of negotiation tactics and communication skills. The module also sensitizes students to ethical issues and provides them with a review of the factors that affect our decisions when faced with an ethical choice and how management can create an ethical culture in organisations.

International Business

Globalization of politics, economy and culture drive international business. This module provides a framework for understanding and analysing key issues in international business and the challenges faced by companies operating across national borders. Special attention is paid to international strategy in emerging markets, particularly China and India. The module also focuses on the role of global institutions in regulating the world economy including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The module also provides an understanding of country differences and their effect on investment, global monetary system and management of overseas business operations.