Martin Kilduff


Martin Kilduff  is Professor of organizational behavior in the Department of Management Science and Innovation (MS&I). He received his PhD in organizational behavior from Cornell University. Before joining UCL, Martin held positions at Cambridge University, the University of Texas at Austin, Penn State, and Insead. He has held visiting positions at London Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Singapore Management University. Read more.

Martin Kilduff's CV


Martin's research interests include how the structure of friendship and acquaintance networks affect performance outcomes, how these networks are perceived by others, and the effects of those perceptions. Here you can see some of his recent research projects. Read more.


Martin currently teaches seminars in Organization Theory and the Philosophy of Science for Organizational and Social Science in the PhD program. Previously he taught social network research at the doctoral and masters levels. Read more.


"Enacting market crisis: The social construction of a speculative bubble. Administrative Science Quarterly," Administrative Science Quarterly.

"The friendship network as a decision-making resource: Dispositional moderators of social influences on organizational choice," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“Social networks and organizations," London: Sage.

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