Maarten Goos's

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Maarten‘s research interests include the economic impact of technological change and innovation, equilibrium models of structural change and policy, labour market imperfections and intermediation and economic history. Here you can see some of his recent research projects.

A sample of some of his recent projects:

The IT Revolution and Globalization

The adoption of computers and related innovations (e.g. the invention of the internet) as well as the (consequent) process of globalization is causing organizational change within companies, between companies within an industry and between industries within an economy. This project shows how the economic impact of the IT revolution and recent globalization can be better understood.

The New Economics of Amazon

Due to the recent introduction of network technologies, there now is a growing importance of organizations operating online trading platforms such as Amazon, eBay or This project models and empirically tests the optimal behaviour of these platform makers: how to organize the platform – e.g. whom to charge and how much, accounting for participant characteristics – under realistic settings such as the presence of matching frictions.

The Great Recession and Recovery
Recession pic

During 2007-2009, advanced and developing economies worldwide were going through the worst recession since the 1930s. This project describes the origins of the financial crisis, how this crisis evolved into a global recession and the consequent challenges, both nationally and internationally, for recovery.

Economic History of Innovations
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Current times are often perceived as times of rapid technological progress, also called the IT Revolution or the arrival of the New Economy. This projects compares the economic impact of the recent IT Revolution with other periods of fast technological progress such as the invention of the steam engine in the 18th century and electrical engineering in the 19th century.