Lynsie Chew


Internal: 51030


Lynsie is Director of the Elective Teaching Portfolio in the department. She has both Masters and Undergraduate degrees from the University of London, specialising within both degrees in accounting, financial management and international financial systems. Her Masters dissertation focus was the implementation of activity based costing systems in companies in China.She has tutored/lectured in  Read more.


Lynsie is involved in designing and delivering a number of accounting/finance-related modules within the Department’s BSc in Information Management for Business and other joint programme degrees. She brings concepts to life using real world case scenarios, illustrating how theory is translated into reality.   Read more.


Lynsie’s research interests are two-fold. One strand is concerned with accounting education and the use of new technologies in both design/delivery and assessment. The second is the area of sustainability and how managers fund and use related information in decision making.


“Making Sense of Financial Accounting”, Pearson Education, 2009

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