Ludmila Striukova's

Research Mouse

Mila’s main areas of research are entrepreneurship, innovation and intellectual property rights. Here you can see some of her recent research projects.

A sample of some of Mila's recent projects:

Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship
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What are the defining characteristics of knowledge intensive entrepreneurship? (funded by EU)

Web 2.0 content
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Is it possible to make profit with web 2.0 content? (published in Prometheus)

Patent value
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What value can be created from patents and where does it reside? (published in International Journal of Intellectual Property Management, Journal of Intellectual Capital, International Journal of Intellectual Property Management and International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation)

Digital Rights Management
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How to design effective Digital Rights Management? (published in Communication and Strategies and International Journal of Intellectual Property Management )

Successful Market entry
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Best being the first to market? Think twice (published in International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise and International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technological Innovation).

All inclusive business model
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How can you offer everything and yet remain competitive? (Service Business).

Virtual Teams and Social Capital
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How to instigate trust between employees miles apart? (published in International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations)

Intellectual capital value
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How can company’s intellectual capital be classified and reported? (published in The British Accounting Review and Strategic Change)

Economics of the Music Industry
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Why does the effect of market concentration go further then one expects? (published in Prometheus)

Public Venture Capital
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Do Venture Capital trust solve the problem of underinvestment in young companies? (published in International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management,

Large scale open innovation
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Open source or patent pool? What is the best way to use open innovation?