Itxaso del Palacio

Itxaso del Palacio

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Itxaso del Palacio teaches Entrepreneurial Finance for the MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship. She is an academic entrepreneur passionate about mentoring and supporting students who are setting up their own companies. Read more.


Itxaso’s research interests include venture capital, corporate venturing and global networks of clusters of innovation. She has published papers in academic journals such as the California Management Review, Small Business Economics and Business Horizons. Read more


Itxaso teaches Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Feasibility Planning for the MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and manages the Dissertation module. She also mentors entrepreneurs at the Springboard program in London, Le Camping in France and SeedLab in Italy.  Read more.


“Learning from others' previous experience: the contribution of the venture capital firm to the likelihood of a portfolio company's trade sale, (2012) Small Business Economics, co-authored with Clarysse, B. and Bobelyn, A.”

“Global Clusters of Innovation Framework: The Case of Israel and Silicon Valley. (2011) California Management Review, 52(2): 27-49 co-authored with Engel, J.”

“Global Networks of Clusters of Innovation: Accelerating the Internationalization of the Innovation Process (2009), Business Horizons, 52: 493-503, co-authored with Engel, J.”

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