Graham Collins

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Graham‘s research interests include agile software development, process improvement and real-time modelling. Some of his recent research projects are outlined

A sample of some of his recent projects:

Developing Agile Software Architecture Using Real Option Analysis and Value Engineering
Software Model

How should you develop software architecture to enable agility? This will invariably take account of the strategy of the organisation, and what they consider is of value. (SEI SEPG Conference Dublin 2011)

Improvement of Agile Development Processes
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Software development methods often focus on team activities and don’t always incorporate clear and appropriate guidelines for project management and scaling the project. (Journal of Object Oriented Programming)

Developing Metrics for Agile Projects Compatible with CMMI
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What measurements are needed to improve agile project management? Categorised as, ‘cutting edge’ by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute). SEPG, Amsterdam 2006

Achieving Earlier and More Accurate Estimates for Agile CMMI Projects
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Agile development practices are increasingly being applied to large scale projects. How can we predict and forecast how long and how much a complex agile development will cost? (SEI SEPG 2008)

Comparative Study of Dysphagia Research
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When patients have successful outcomes post cancer treatment or CVA they then often have an uphill struggle to relearn new techniques for swallowing. This current study considers the current research and the implications for future research.

Predictive Analytics to Improve Patient Care
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Small changes in nursing care can vastly improve survival rates in long-term patients and yet according to research published in the Journal Dysphagia these are not being followed. A modelling approach representing the data in different ways may improve outcomes.

Dark Pools a Benefit to All?
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There are increasingly sophisticated algorithms being developed in the financial markets to seek out liquidity and yet not alert other parties. Do they benefit all stakeholders and can these algorithms also be adapted for early cancer diagnosis?

A Strategy for Corporate Project ‘buy-in’
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Making use of the latest advances in the understanding of neuroscience can help make us better leaders and project managers. (Proceedings Projekte & Emotional Intelligenz conference Vienna also Principles of Project Management series, APM)