Emmanouil Avgerinos


Emmanouil received his Master of Science in Operations Research from Columbia University in the city of New York as a full scholar of the Foundation for Education and European Culture in 2010. He also holds an Advanced Diploma (equivalent to Master of Science) in

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Emmanouil is a Teaching Assistant for “Decision and Risk Analysis” in the MSc in Management, MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship and MSc in Information Management for Business, and for “Project Management” at London Business School.  He also gives seminars for the course “Operations Management” in the MSc in Management at London School of Economics and Political Science.


Emmanouil’s research interests are in the area of Healthcare (excluding scheduling and queuing) and applications to operations management.

Prior to joining UCL, Emmanouil research was in reliability of Photovoltaic Systems and High Voltage surge arresters.


C.A. Christodoulou, E.V. Avgerinos, L. Ekonomou, I.F. Gonos, I.A. Stathopulos. Measurement of the resistive leakage current in surge arresters under artificial rain test and impulse voltage subjection. IET, Science, Measurement and Technology, May 2009, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.256–262.

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