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New Technology Ventures

MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship

The course provides an introduction to strategies to assess the potential of a new business concept and thus improve the likely success of high-impact ventures. It covers methods for analysing, specifying, designing and launching high-tech businesses along with the knowledge and skills required to prepare a financial plan for a new business venture.

Business Feasibility Planning

MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship

The course demonstrates the practical application of theory, knowledge and skills through the development of a business feasibility plan. Working in small groups the course requires students to:

  • Identify a range of potential business opportunities;
  • Make a rational and reasoned selection of one opportunity worthy of further investigation;
  • Conduct macro and micro analyses of candidate markets and industries;
  • Assess the likely viability of the chosen opportunity
  • Present oral and written assessments of these findings.

Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

BSc/MSci Information Management for Business

This is UCL’s principal 30-lecture course in Entrepreneurship. Over the past ten years we have taught entrepreneurship to around 3000 students resulting in the launch of a number of innovative businesses. The course covers: the new business lifecycle (selecting and testing a moneymaking idea, preparing a business plan, raising finance, the Exit), aspects of new business operation (registering a company, setting up your office, understanding financial statements), and exploiting new eCommerce tools and techniques (doing business electronically, company web sites, online business software and services).