Dave Chapman's

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Dave’s research and activities focus on the development of tools and techniques that enable a better understanding of high-technology innovation systems in London and the Greater South East.

A sample of some of his recent projects:

Spatial Decision Support Systems for Foreign Direct Investors (FDI)
Heat map of london

Where should high-tech, inward investors locate their activities within the complex business landscape of London and the Greater South East? Can Geographic Information Systems linked with decisions analysis techniques improve the services that Think London (London’s inward investment agency) offers to its clients? (EPSRC EngD project sponsored by Think London).

New Venture Portfolio analysis tools for early-stage investors.
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The development of tools and techniques to support investment decisions in early stage ventures (EPSRC project in UCL’s EngD Centre for Computational Finance).

Inspiring Open Innovation
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The design and delivery of activities that promote the role that Open Innovation can play in addressing key societal and economic challenges through collective innovate at a pan-European level (EU INTEREG Project).