Chia-Yu Kou


Chia-Yu Kou joined the PhD programme at the Department of Management Science and Innovation in 2008. She received her BS and MsC degrees at the Department of International Business, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. Her major was International Finance and International Marketing at the BS level, and Industrial Economics at Master level. Prior  Read more.


Chia-Yu is currently a teaching assistant and leads seminars in Communication and Behaviour in Organisations. She also had leaded seminars in Principal of Management and Economies in previous years.


Chia-Yu’s research interests include individual motivation, team structure, knowledge sharing process in teams and organisations.


Kou, C.Y. and S. Harvey (2010). “The Impact of Motivation on Knowledge Sharing: A Multilevel Model of Effective Knowledge Sharing,” Paper presented in the Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada (August 2010).