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Tsay, C. (forthcoming). The vision heuristic: Judging music ensembles by sight alone. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Tsay, C. (2013). Sight over sound in the judgment of music performance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(36), 14580-14585.

Milkman, K., Mazza, M., Shu, L., Tsay, C. & Bazerman, M. (2012). Policy bundling to overcome loss aversion: A method for improving legislative outcomes. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 117, 158-167.

Tsay, C. & Banaji, M. (2011). Naturals and strivers: Preferences and beliefs about sources of achievement. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47, 460–465.

Tsay, C. Shu, L., & Bazerman, M. (2011). Naiveté and cynicism in negotiations and other competitive contexts. The Academy of Management Annals, 5(1), 1–24.

High Quality Journals

Bazerman, M. H., Gino, F., Shu, L. L., & Tsay, C. (2013). The power of the cognition/emotion distinction for morality. Emotion Review, 6(1), 1–2.

Bazerman, M. H., Gino, F., Shu, L. L., & Tsay, C. (2011). Joint evaluation as a real world tool for managing emotional assessment of morality. Emotion Review, 3(3), 290–292.

Tsay, C. & Bazerman, M. (2009). A decision-making perspective to negotiation: A review of the past and a look into the future. Negotiation Journal, 25(4), 467-480.

Books and Book Chapters

Tsay, C. & Bazerman, M. (2011). Future directions for negotiations. In B. Goldman & D. Shapiro (Eds.), The psychology of negotiations in the 21st century workplace: New challenges and new solutions (SIOP Frontier series). New York: Psychology Press/Routledge.

Shu, L., Tsay, C. & Bazerman, M. (2011). Cognitive, affective, and special-interest barriers to policy making. In J. I. Krueger (Ed.), Frontiers in social psychology: Social judgment and decision making (pp. 243-259). Philadelphia: Psychology Press.