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UCL Enterprise Society Team wins Enterprise Challenge

28 June 2011

The UCL Enterprise Society Team won the enFinite “potential unleashed” enterprise challenge at Imperial Business School on 11th June 2011. The team of 5 UCL students Marisha Naz, Monica Jarpa, Amir Bendjazia, Laci Bicskei and Tristan Pritchard-Meaker fought off stiff competition from other top universities, including Imperial, LSE and Cambridge, as well as two MBA Teams.

The team chose to analyse the financial micropayments industry and prepared a compelling presentation highlighting entrepreneurial opportunities within this area, followed by a Q&A in front of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

UCL Enterprise Winners

The winning team together with Sandeep Bharj and Martin Poschenrieder from the UCL Enterprise Society Committee.

The importance of a strong team has been emphasized numerous times in the entrepreneurial arena and the Society wanted to ensure we put the best possible team together for the challenge. The society specifically recruited team members for the challenge, trying to ensure a balance of skills, experience, knowledge and backgrounds. The team consisted of undergraduates, masters and research students from 5 different countries, studying in 5 different departments, which also shows the diversity of students at UCL.

"Although we had a very interdisciplinary team and we did not know each other previously, we created a very collaborative team dynamic and I really enjoyed working together". – Monica (MSc)

The team only met the day before, at an ice-breaker organized by the Enterprise Society in which they performed a task individually and then again as a group.

"The ice-breaker exercise we did as a team was a great indicator that we would work well together as a unit: each individual’s score was lower than the group score, meaning every team member was bringing value and that no one was better off alone!" – Amir (BSc)

“The challenge was very enjoyable, with many strong teams in attendance. It was great to have an innovative and ‘outside of the box’ problem to solve which really pushed us as a team. Thank you to the UCL Enterprise Society for opening up the chance to compete; it was certainly a fresh and new recruitment strategy. We really pulled together and because of our varied skills, understanding and strengths delivered a novel answer to the question set” – Tristan (EngD)

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