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MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students mentioned in The Guardian

6 March 2013

An article in The Guardian, published on Tuesday 5th March, mentions the startup activities of some of our MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students: 

"The current crop of master's students includes some who are clearly destined to make an impact. Karoline Gross, 24, from Finland, is launching Smartzer, an interactive, TV shopping iPhone and tablet app. 

Then there is Alex Siljanovski's Blue Ronin iPhone app, which allows engineers to pass around and comment on detailed technical drawings. "Having been an engineer, I was shocked at the time wasted in circulating technical drawings for comment. There had to be a better way and I've found it," says Siljanovski, 33.

Marcin Piatkowski, 24, won a UCL Advances business plan competition and a £25,000 convertible loan to launch Jive Bikes, a company that manufactures motor-assisted foldaway bikes that have enclosed drive shafts instead of an oily chain. "The Jive Bike has a small electric motor in the font hub that will give it a top speed of 15.6mph. It can be used to assist pedalling and, if the cyclist wants to take the tube for part of their journey, the lightweight bike folds away to the size of a suitcase," says Piatkowski, who plans to have a model ready to sell in London by the end of this year."

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