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MSI student start ups prize winners at the UCL Enterprise Awards

23 May 2013

Several Management Science and Innovation students won prizes at the 2013 UCL Enterprise Awards held on 14th May. Each has a two minute video promoting their product or service:

Ahmad Bakiet with SellPlex (MSc Technology Entrepreneurship, 2013)

Alex Siljanovski  with BlueRonin  (MSc TE, 2012)  

Ian Campbell with  Aero Forza (MSc Management, 2012)

Karoline Gross with Smartzer (MSc TE, 2013)

Tayab Hassan with RehenSehen (MSc TE, 2012)

Teófilo de la Cerda & Joshua Asar with  CurrencyBird (MSc TE, 2013)

This video explains how the UCL Bright Ideas Awards aim to help bridge the gap that many new companies find themselves in when they search for their first funding.