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Former MSc TE students achieve exciting startup milestones

27 November 2013

Two former MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students, Elliot Sochall and Nick Slater, have informed us about a couple of exciting milestones they have achieved in relation to their startup.  

London-based makes brand engagement in apps and games more meaningful by providing tangible rewards to users rather than simply flashing banner ads at players. For example, players who achieve a high score might get a £5 gift voucher for the coffee house nearest to their location. Valuable customer verticals ensure that rewards are relevant to the different demographics who receive them. Verticals currently focuses on are food, gaming and women's fashion and they are expanding rapidly into new markets.

Since going officially live on both iOS and Android platforms just two weeks ago, have had 200,000 installs and a million reward requests. They have also been able to appoint a new CTO to their team, Rogerio Candeias, who hails from Portugal and has a PhD in Computational Biology from MIT.