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Former MSc TE student co-founder of one of Top London startups to watch

1 May 2013

Former MSc Technology Entrepreneurship student Kes Thygesen is one of the founders of, a company that has recently been named by Business Insider as one of the "Hot London Startups You Need to Watch". 

Rolepoint is an enterprise solution for businesses that helps them find candidates through current employees' social media connections. Unlike Branchout, which helps people find friends who work at places they also want to be working, Rolepoint charges companies to give them access to employee referrals, without the employee having to do any work. 

The startup has been funded by a "large seed round" from Silicon Valley investors and it's a 500Startups and AngelPad company. 

With two other former MSc Technology Entrepreneurship students, Kes was also a co-founder of OVIA, a company that has since evolved into, a world-leading provider of online interviews for recruitment. Wowzer is also used by the MSI department for admission interviews for our MSc Management and MSc TE programmes.