A higher degree in Paediatrics and Child Health

Available to Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MSc levels



Our programme is the longest running Paediatric MSc in London, continually improved by student feedback and changing demands within the Health Service and Academic sectors. It offers unique flexibility to tailor the course to your own pace and interests through a wide choice of optional modules over several years.

Teaching takes place at the UCL Institute of Child Health in close collaboration with colleagues from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children with lectures from national and international experts across most clinical and research areas.

Study is flexible (lasting up to 5 years) with core modules, and four well established pathways focussing on Advanced Paediatrics, Community Child Health, Gastroenterology or Global Child Health and a new pathway focussing on Molecular and Genomic Paediatrics. 

A new and exciting programme just approved is the MRes in Child Health

It is our aim to:

  • Broaden and consolidate your knowledge of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Compliment higher professional training and examinations for paediatricians
  • Teach new skills and explore new areas in Paediatrics for associated professionals
  • Promote multidisciplinary understanding and team work
  • Make you research aware at each degree level, with deeper learning at MSc because of the unique opportunity to conduct primary studies supported by UCL's research infrastructure and publish your work
  • Prepare you to be a leader of tomorrow with high-level organisational and management skills plus the ability to incorporate research and evidence-based practice into health services for children

Successfully completing this degree demonstrates commitment and focus, attributes sought by most enlightened employers.

Further module options

Several other postgraduate courses are run locally including Global Health and Development, Advanced Physiotherapy: Cardiorespiratory and Paediatric, Neuropsychology, Cell and Gene Therapy and Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Diverse modules are already shared with these programmes to promote multidisciplinary training, but we also allow you the unique opportunity to take one or two other modules from these courses or other UCL programmes which will count towards your higher degree. This gives you unique flexibility to tailor learning to your interests.

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