Contemporary Topics in Brain Science Research

Inside the brain. Concept of neurons and the nervous system.

This module is an exciting and innovative initiative that will give students the opportunity to learn from world renowned investigators via a series of Master Classes. The Master Classes will focus on exposure to cutting-edge research that is advancing critical understanding and translational outputs in the field of brain sciences. The aim of the module is to provide a multidisciplinary perspective of brain function and dysfunction from the molecular to the systems level. Topics that will be covered include neurodegeneration, neuroinflammation, cognition and dementia, psychotic and mood disorders, movement disorders, sensory system disorders and therapies, mental health care research and complex interventions, addiction neuropsychology and neurocomputation.

At the end of the module, students will have gained an understanding of the principles, main technical aspects and rationale used for research conducted across the breadth of the Faculty of Brain Sciences. Students will have knowledge and understanding of research-informed advances and new insights into the brain sciences, and of experimental design and techniques applied at the forefront of brain sciences research. Students will therefore be able to critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship in brain science, and think creatively to synthesize novel ideas based on the broad (molecular to systems level) and multidisciplinary perspectives of research topics. 

Master Classes have been offered by:

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