PhD Students

Mr Samuel Shepherd 
(Final Year)

Mr Samuel Shepherd (Final Year)
I studied pharmacology BSc at UCL, and was awarded funding from the London Pain Consortium for a 4 year PhD. I am interested in the mechanisms of small non coding RNA interactions with both neuronal genes and genes that regulate expression. More recently my work focuses on miRNAs and their interaction with epigenetic machinery in pain states. I also like to play the piano, write and record music.

Telephone:020 7679 6742, e-Mail:

Mr Michael Minett  
(Final Year)

Mr Michael Minett (Final Year)
I studied biomedical science at University of East-Anglia in Norwich and joined the group in 2009. I am investigating the role of voltage gated sodium channels, particularly Nav1.7, in pain signalling. A number of rare human heritable pain disorders map to mutations in SCN9A, the gene encoding Nav1.7. This makes Nav1.7 an exciting and novel target for new analgesic drugs.

Telephone:020 7679 6742, e-Mail:

Miss Jennifer Koenig 
(Second Year)

Miss Jennifer Koenig (Second Year)
I finished a MA degree in Neuroscience at the University of Vienna in 2011 and subsequently started working towards my PhD. My main research interest is RNA biology with focus on non-coding RNA interactions and its impact on gene expression and pain thresholds. Through investigating these interactions I aim to gain a deeper insight into the molecular pathways of pain.

Telephone:020 7679 6742, e-Mail:

Miss Jane Sexton 
(First Year)

Miss Jane Sexton (First Year)
I completed a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience at UCL in 2012 and subsequently began working towards my PhD. I am using molecular and transgenic techniques, such as qPCR, in situ hybridisation and behavioural studies, to investigate the role of a variety of TRP channels in mechanotransduction. I am particularly interested in their involvement in mechanosensation and hearing.

Telephone:020 7679 6742, e-Mail:




Present Locations of earlier PhD students and post-docs 

 Dr. Carine Dalle-ICM institute, Paris,

 Dr. Roman Cregg

 Dr. Gayle Passmore

 Dr. Niels Eijkelkamp -University Medical Center Utrecht.

 Dr John Linley:

 Dr. Francois Rugiero - Convergence Pharmaceuticals.

 Dr. Ramin Raouf - Kings College London.

 Dr. Mohammed Nassar.- University of sheffield

 Dr.Bjarke Abrahamsen University of Copenhagen

  OlivierPoirot PhD.  -  Universite de Lausanne.

Armen Akopian PhD. University of Texas Health Center
San Antonio

 Mark Baker PhD, Queen Mary University of London 

James Boorman PhD  University of Cambridge

Paolo Cesare PhD  University of Rome,

Chih Chen Cheng UCL PhD IBMS Taiwan 

Liam Drew UCL PhD Columbia University 

Hong-Lei Huang PhD  Imperial College London

Kenji Okuse PhD, Imperial College London

Anjan Seereram  UCL PhD, Institute of Psychiatry

Caroline Stirling MD UCL PhD, UCH