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Molecular Medicine

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Centre for Molecular Medicine

The objective of the Centre for Molecular Medicine is to identify, study and understand the functions of molecules and biological processes involved in the development of diseases. Currently we are focused upon the causes of Crohn’s disease, which we have shown to result from immunodeficiency, and ulcerative colitis. We investigate sporadic cases as well as the genetics of families with these conditions. We are also researching the mechanisms by which neutrophils, the most numerous of the white blood cells, kill and digest microbes.

Head of Centre

Prof A.W. (Tony) Segal, FRS Research activities include: Bioenergetics, Cell Biology of Phagocytes, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Molecular Basis of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Ion Channels and Understanding the Cellular Players and Soluble Mediators in Mucosal Inflammation.

Principal Investigator

Professor Gordon Stewart  Aims to elucidate the pathophysiology underlying a series of congenital red cell disorders in which the membrane 'leaks' monovalent cations sodium and potassium. Interested in Clinical Abnormalities of the Red Cell Membrane.



Inflammatory bowel and red cell membrane.
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The Centre has successfully trained over 21 PhD students and several M.Sc. students.
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Publications on the NADPH oxidase of neutrophils and inflammatory bowel disease.
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A wide range of biochemical and cell biological techniques are used.
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