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Useful Links

Mitochondrial Research & Innovation Group, University of Rochester Medical Centre
Mitochondrial Research - Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Mitochondrial Research - Newcastle Biomedicine - Newcastle University
Nijmegen Centre for Mitochondrial Disorders
Faculty Positions in Mitochondrial Biology and Cell Metabolism, Nature jobs.
Institute of Mitochondrial Biology, Ohio State University
Medical Research Council: Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge
EU mitocombat
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation 
NIH Mitochondrial Special Interest Group
Mitochondria Research Society
Mitochondrial Physiology Society
OROBOROS protocols
Oxphos International
Odra Noel images provider of beautiful paintings on silk inspired by biomedical images that grace our departmental walls, brighten our days and illuminate this website. OdraMuscle150
Nick Lane evolutionary mitochondrial biologist and science writer, author of 'Sex, Power and Suicide', 'Oxygen, the Molecule that Made the World', 'Life in the Frozen State' and the latest, 'Life Ascending: the Ten Great Inventions of Evolution'. Dr Lane is a founding member of the CfMR.