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Dr Nick Lane awarded UCL Provost’s Venture Research Fellowship

28 July 2010

UCL scientist seeks answers on complex life and origin of species thanks to unique UCL Fellowship award.

Nick Lane

“There is a big hole at the very heart of biology, and it concerns the origin of all complex life on earth – why our planet erupted with life, and why humans turn out to be so closely related to mushrooms at the level of our cells,” says Dr Nick Lane, UCL Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment. 

Dr Lane will now seek to solve this mystery, with potentially groundbreaking implications for the ageing process and the origins of the species itself, as part of a UCL initiative to enable researchers to try to make some of the biggest scientific discoveries free of the constraints set by funding rules and peer review. The award will provide a Reader’s salary for three years (about £150K in total) and will enable Dr Lane to develop his research proposal, “Chemiosmosis and the Foundations of Complex Life.”

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